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I am looking for a good study bible one physical and also for desktop I want a physical study that goes into much detail with the study notes and about all the books in the bible I am looking to spend less than $150 for the Physical and digital/desktop software

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What’s a “physical study?”

Here is the online Haydock Catholic Bible (Douay) with good footnotes. It has the Old Testament and the New Testament. (Links at the top of the page.)

Here is Lapide’s Commentary on the 4 gospels and some of the Epistles. More extensive footnotes.

Here is a link to Thomas Aquinas’ works. Scroll down to the section titled “Biblical Commentaries” (right hand column). The Catena Aurea links to the gospels are collections of commentaries from the early Church fathers. These can be purchased in book form. I got mine years ago (7 volumes, paperback) but doesn’t look like it’s printed in only 4 volumes now. Just makes each book a little bigger. The books can be purchased as a set, or each volume individually. Used copies available on Amazon at a much cheaper price.

Time for Mass. Will come back later with some books – if others haven’t already mentioned them.

Some printed commentaries:

The Ignatius Study Bible is very good. It only covers the New Testament. It comes in a single volume, (very reasonably priced), leather bound, or in individual booklets. The booklets contain study questions at the end of each chapter. These questions are not included in one volume compilation. I did notice there are now several OT booklets now available in booklet form.

Another study bible is the Navarre Bible, but it’s pricier. Again tho, you can purchase the volumes individually over time. I have most of the NT volumes, and they are excellent. Only have 3 of the OT volumes.
I did notice a new expanded edition, single volume, NT Navarre. I have no idea what it would be like since it is so much cheaper than buying the 12 volume set (which would never fit in one volume).

I don’t have any desktop bible software commentaries. I do have software for interlinear Greek & Hebrew, OT & NT, including dictionaries, … Love it. Can’t find anything equivalent to it free online, or to buy. Unfortunately, they quit updating it after (I think) windows 8, so it won’t work on the newer computers. Also doesn’t work on Mac. I saved my old laptop just so I can still use it. is the place to go for digital copies of Catholic commentaries. They have the Collegeville Bible Commentary ($50), Haydock ($5), Ignatius Study Bible ($64 for the entire New Testament and the several Old Testament volumes that are out), Navarre New Testament ($75), and plenty more. They also have sets like the complete Navarre commentary, and the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture series that are great, but more expensive than the price point you gave.

Verbum has desktop software and mobile apps that you can utilize as well. They have many package deals, too, that give you a bunch of resources bundled together for about 90% off of what they are priced separately. So that’s an option, too. The cheapest package is almost $300, though.

For physical study Bibles, in addition to those other people have already mentioned, I would recommend the Didache Bible (with commentary based on the Catechism) or the Great Adventure Bible (which isn’t a study Bible per se, but includes lots of essays, introductions, charts and maps that are designed to help you read the Bible and get a sense of the big picture of salvation history).

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