Good summary of similarities between Episcopal and Roman catholic Churches

do my Roman Catholic friends believe this is an adequate summary of the similarities and differences between the RC and Episcopal Churches

as an Episcopalean I think it is fine-your thoughts?

First, let me say that such a comparison is difficult, given the very broad range of acceptable belief within the ECUSA alone, not to mention the wider Anglican Communion or other quasi-Anglican bodies.

As far as general similarities, he’s hit on some important points, but he also left out much. I understand he’s trying to be brief and just give a very general overview, but I think the video is misleading, because it makes us sound more or less the same, when in fact we are not.

A few key things he didn’t bring up:
– The Catholic Church’s claim to be the one true Church founded by Jesus Christ (he sort of alluded to this when he said Episcopalians recognize other churches as such, but this was still a glaring omission)
– Apostolic Succession, both a similarity and a difference
– The Catholic definition of a sacrament (which includes not only that it is a sign but that it conveys what it signifies)
– The Mass as a propitiatory sacrifice v. the Anglican service as such
– The Catholic priesthood as such v. the Anglican view of priesthood

I realize that he couldn’t have gone into these subjects at length in a short video, but he could have at least mentioned them. There are other issues as well, which we would regard as essential. And in fact we wouldn’t have the distinction between essential and inessential doctrines (although we would acknowledge that some disciplinary norms can be changed).

Another point: he seems to imply that the Catholic Church doesn’t have married clergy, when in fact we do (mostly in the Eastern rites outside the U.S., but also in exceptional cases in the Latin Church worldwide).

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