Good theology graduate programs?

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I’m not sure where the best place for this post is, but I’m considering going to grad school for an MA in theology and am looking for some direction about where to go. I think I would like to become a high school theology teacher, and my undergrad degree is in human biology.

My biggest concern is that I want a legitimate Catholic education and don’t want to have to worry whether what I’m being taught is actually what the Church teaches. I think Franciscan University and the Augustine Institute look like appealing options so far. I’ve also started looking into Notre Dame, particularly the ECHO program they have for people who want to teach theology. It looks like a great program, but I know Notre Dame hasn’t fully been living up to its Catholic identity, so I’m curious what their theology graduate program may be like?

Any thoughts are welcome!

Cardinal Newman Society! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

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(By Olga de Juana)

Help me to be a fine teacher,
to keep peace in the classroom,
peace between my students and myself,
to be kind and gentle
to each and every one of my students.

Help me to be merciful to my students,
to balance mercy and discipline
in the right measure for each student,
to give genuine praise as much as possible,
to give constructive criticism
in a manner that is patatable to my students.

Help me remain conscientious
enough to keep my lessons always interesting,
to recognize what motivates each of my students,
to accept my student’s limitations
and not hold it against them.

Help me not to judge my students too harshly,
to be fair to all,
to be a good role model,
but most of all Lord, help me
to show your love to all of my students.


(Use with permission.)

[BIBLEDRB]john 16:13-15[/BIBLEDRB]

Many of the ECHO students have taught at our regional Catholic High School. They are and have been excellent! It’s a great program and really a boon to Catholic schools.
Of course, many love Franciscan U as well. I have not met anyone affiliated with Augustine.
Best wishes!

Hi, I just did a search for you. Pope John Paul II University offers a MA in Biblical theology. On their website, if you click on Fidelity, they explain their mandatum, which demonstrates a strong committment to the The Magesterium and Catholic Truth.
God bless you.

I would probably start with accredited schools. There’s a list of Catholic schools of theology accredited by the American Theological Society at

You might also ask at your local Catholic high schools to see what kinds of reputations different schools have. If they’ve hired grads from these different places they may have good opinions about the schools themselves.

Brother JR (JReducation) OSF highly recommended Catholic University of America in DC. In a similar thread on April 28th, 2010. He got two degrees there. He is a great resource for us at Catholic Answers. He is held in high esteem.

He could well advise you from personal experience. However right now
, he is experiencing health problems so it is harder to get in touch with him. At any rate, you could check out CUA’s website.

Thanks for the responses so far, everyone! They have been helpful!

I am going for an MA in Theology this upcoming fall and my undergraduate degree was also in biology. If you want to teach I feel it is worth checking out Providence College, which is where I am going. They have a good time placing teachers because there are so many nearby Catholic schools but they also have a program called PACT which is another 2 year program where you teach a subject in a nearby Catholic school (including theology) and in the meantime get your Masters in education. But I’ve heard of other people just getting the theology degree there and go straight to teaching. Providence College is the only one in the U.S. run in most part by Dominican monks.

I second the suggestion about the Catholic University of America. Excellent programs.

Franciscan University of Steubenville Ohio

I’m a Ph.D student at Notre Dame. The ECHO program is good. Also, come and spend time at ND before critiquing it as “not living up to its Catholic identity.” I think ND does the best job being one of the most prestigious universities in the nation while also maintaining its Catholicity. The Theo dept in particular is a place where being orthodox is not difficult. We have Fr. Brian Daley, who won the Ratzinger Prize. We have John Cavadini, who is on the ITC and is a Papal knight. Both are also world-class scholars.

I have two friends who went through Christendom College, which is considered par excellence regarding both their undergraduate and graduate level programs. They are very orthodox and don’t mince words when asked about their orthodoxy.

I received my MA in Theology from Notre Dame. Top notch professors and the Catholic atmosphere on campus was great. The MA program is done during the summers and because of a grant, it is affordable. You can do it in 3 or 6 week semesters over several years and there are some online courses you can do during the rest of the year. The summers I spent at ND were some of the most spiritually uplifting times of my life.

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