Good Thoughts on the Single Life

I read an article about the single life that I thought might be good for all those single people out there to read:

Some of my favorite quotes: “When I meet another single Christian woman in her 30s, I automatically envision how God has used her singleness to teach her wisdom, selflessness, self-control, joy, patience, and faith because that’s what God has done in my own life.” So often, married people pity me and see me as less mature than they are, this isn’t true. The single life is a way towards holiness.

Also, “There can be no more radical act than [singleness], as it is the clearest institutional expression that one’s future is not guaranteed by the family, but by the church.” While many see the single life as sad because they don’t have children, the single life is also a reminder that our true hope is in the Resurrection.

I also liked the advice he gives to single people: “Singleness isn’t a junior varsity version of marriage. It’s an entirely different sport – and if you haven’t played it, you haven’t mastered it. The average marrying age is 29.8 years for men and 26.9 for women. If you got married before these ages, then it makes sense to acknowledge that your experience as a single adult is below average. In other words, you don’t know a lot about singleness. This calls for humility.”

This was such a hopeful and inspiring article about singleness, I just wanted to pass it along.

Great article! More people should read it!


Glad you both liked it!

Great article. I wonder how many times these things will need to be said and how many different ways they will be said before the rest of the Church finally gets a clue.

Interesting although sad to see how singles are viewed in other churches.

It is embedded in Catholic cultural consciousness and that is going to take time and patience, application and perseverance, to come in line with what The Church teaches affirming the single (lay celibate) vocation as indeed a potential vocation - and taught this pre and post V2.

Bless you and you holy vocation.

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