Good Traditional Catholic Minds of the 20th/21st Century

I wanted to start this thread for people to mention and/or be introduced to Traditional Catholic thinkers from the 20th and 21st centuries. Even if you suspect many have heard of them, mention them anyway because others may not know of them.
Some of these people have new ideas and many are the ones who are helping us Catholics through the current problems in the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church, and the modern world.

They must be trustworthy Orthodox/Traditional Catholics so that we can look to them for assistance and knowledge/wisdom.

Here are a few souls I can think of:

Romano Amerio (Professor, author of Iota Unum; Deceased 1997. May his soul rest eternally in Christ. JMJ)

**Dietrich von Hildebrand **(Philosopher/Theologian in the 1900’s; Deceased 1977. May His soul rest eternally in Christ. JMJ)

**Michael Davies **(Traditional Catholic Writer/Apologist in the 1900’s; Deceased 2004. May His soul rest eternally in Christ. JMJ)

I’m surprised no one’s at least mentioned the much loved Archbishop Fulton Sheen yet…

Belloc, Chesterton, Knox, Waugh are a few faves.

I just finished reading (for the second time) Martin Mosebach’s The Heresy of Formlessness.

Fr. Hardon is probably a priest who we could classify as, “traditional.”

Would there be a problem with mentioning Catholics who are completely orthodox, or do we only want to mention those who are orthodox, and additionally, traditional?


P.S. J.R.R. Tolkien, anyone?

Well, “traditional” is prefered, but that is keeping in mind that true Traditionalists would respect the entire teaching authority of the church knowing how to correctly view and understand it. This also “classifies” any great minds from the Eastern Catholic Churches.
Though, I do not like to overclassify so much…:rolleyes:

Let’s not forget our wise and Holy Pope, Benedict XVI, who wrote dozens of scholarly books as Cardinal Ratzinger, and continues to write as Pope.

As far as thinkers go, I haven’t really read any 20th century and 21st century Catholics besides the Popes :p. Most of the Popes of those centuries have been brilliant thinkers (Popes in this century, for better or worse, have had less temporal concerns to worry about like governing a large state, appointing and deposing kings, etc.). If I had to pick one, it would probably be Pius XII–his writings are brilliant, especially those he did as Eugenio Pacelli working under Pius XI. Much of the brilliance in the acts of Pius XI actually come primarily from Pacelli. :slight_smile:

Here is some from the 20th century: Pope Pius XI, Pope Pius XII, Pope Saint Pius X. Pope Benedict XV. Saint Padre Pio, Saint Faustina.

Hmmm…now I wonder…
I love St. Pio and St. Faustina, but I wonder if we can consider them in this particular discussion…Since they had the advantage of private revelation? I don’t mean to take away from their contributions, because they may have had *more *impact…but I was thinking more of people who relied primiarily on reasoning since they did not have much else to go on but learned knowlege…
I’ll have to think about that…:stuck_out_tongue:

Atila S. Guimarães
Distinguished author of the 11-volume collection *Eli, Eli, Lamma Sabacthani * (My God, My God, Why hast Thou forsaken me?). 6 vols. translated to English.
A trademark if there is one, in his publications is the extensive use of documented facts overlooked or forgotten by most others. For this reason, his writings are often quoted as the respected proximate source by other writers.

Engineering from 1964-67;
Law studies 1967-70;
Three years of French Literature;
Four years of Medieval History Studies;
Four years of Catholic Church History;
Eight years studying Philosophy as well as Politics; Sixteen years of Apologetics on Contemporary Religious Studies.

February 2000:
International Biographical Center of Cambridge included him in the Year 2000 Outstanding Writers of the 20th Century in honor of his contribution in the field of Contemporary Religious Analysis.
Born in Rio de Janiero, still living/writing…in Portuguese.


Scott Hahn

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