Good traditional forum


Does anyone knows a good traditional only forum?
I like CAF, but I would like to discuss tradition in other places too.


How about reddit r/Catholicism ?
Or r/traditionalcatholics, r/catholic etc
I don’t use Reddit but I know there are many subreddits for Catholics, you can look around for one you like.


I don’t really spend much time on these forums anymore, but here are my opinions of the most common ones:

Fisheaters is probably the most well known of “traditional” forums, and there are a great many Catholic resources on there aside from the forum (prayers, traditional Catholic links, etc.). There was an issue some years back which I won’t discuss that caused many to leave the forum, but overall it is solid.

Suscipe Domine has more of an SSPX slant, but those who attend FSSP/ICKSP/Diocesan Latin Masses are treated well on there. I like the format of that forum and the moderators do a great job of weeding out trolls.

Cathinfo is more hard-lined SSPX, and there are many sedevacantists on there as well. I mostly stay away from reading over there because a lot of the threads devolve into uncharitable attacks on one another.

CARM is a Protestant forum that I used to frequent because they have a Catholic subforum that made for great discussion. Obviously this would not be a place to go for so-called “traditional” Catholic discussion, but it’s a great place to evangelize our non-Catholic brethren.


I thought CARM had big bias against Catholics.


Yes they do, but like I said, it’s more of a place to go out and evangelize and realize that most people there will be hostile to your beliefs.


Is Fisheaters more of a meetup or social group? Every time I’ve looked over there, it seems to have a ton of people’s personal life drama in the posts, and some of the subject matter I would not expect to see on any Catholic forum, let alone a traditional Catholic forum.


Thanks, I’ll use half of this info.
The protestant I’ll avoid, and the Cathinfo I have already visited, and the whole “resistance” stuff is too radical and sedevacantist to me.


Fr. Chad Ripperger, FSSP, Takes Up At Least 20% of My Hard Drive

Facebook group.


Fish Eaters would be worth a try.


On smaller forums, people tend to get to know each other pretty well. Inside jokes, drama, they are far more personal than CAF.


Understatement of the decade.


It seems quite interesting, though it ain’t that active, unfortunately.


FishEaters is definitely the best of the traditional places. Don’t just go to the forum, though; check out the Being Catholic area of the main website. Full of info!


Smaller forums don’t have the sheer volume of CAF


CARM is owned and operated by our evangelical friends, they are biased toward people with their same world view.

It is a blog and it’s mediated.
Blogs can also function like smaller forums.


Cathinfo is made up of mostly resistance SSPX folks — they’re even further out than SSPX. Additionally, they have a very active section on conspiracies including the “Holohoax” and flat Earth. Stay far away.


Oh, my goodness. I hadn’t seen that one before. And won’t be seeing it again.


Evangelical friends…ok then.


If you don’t go over with a friendly demeanor, you can expect to be given a hard time.

Sort of like in real life. If you head over to the BBQ or other social event at the local Baptist temple, and start trash talking them, you can expect some heat.

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