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What are some great Traditionalist magazines out there? I’m not talking about SSPX or sedevacantist ones, but ones that think the normative mass is valid, albeit, less tasteful.

I don’t know where you got the idea that the SSPX thinks the new Mass is invalid beyond the shadow of a doubt – that’s just not the case. It’s a shame you rule out The Angelus simply because it’s published by the SSPX… but I digress.

May I suggest that the original question should be refined? What would constitute a “good traditionalist magazine?” Is it essential that the primary focus be on the current state of the Church? Abuses of power in the hierarchy? Questions of liturgy? Development of devotions or interior life? Articles on Church History? I think a lot depends on what you want in a periodical. If you want to be shocked and provoked, get the New Oxford Review. If you want more coverage on current events of interest only to traditionalists with exceedingly long editorials, get the Remnant. How about history and devotions? This month’s Angelus is dominated by an article on Our Lady of Good Success (with a long historical background on Ecuador in the late 1800’s, early 1900’s).

I think it’s kind of like asking which is your favorite hand missal… it’s rather subjective.

Try Latin Mass Magazine. Also, The Wanderer never has a shortage of articles on the TLM.

Two other publications that are popular among traditionalists are The Remnant and Catholic Family News. But I recommend avoiding them. Most of the articles in there are bitter, angry, and anti-Vatican II and anti-Novus Ordo. They also openly attack the pope for anything and everything.

I’d agree with recommending the Latin Mass magazine. However, as a subscriber to the Remnant, I have to disagree that most of the articles are bitter and angry. Some are; but then again, there are probably things one ought to be upset about if one cares about the Catholic faith. Further, it is a newspaper which will deal with issues such as capitalism and the Catholic faith.

Anyway, here is a link to the Remnant if you want to get a sampling of their writing:

Here’s a link to the Latin Mass magazine as well:

God bless.

But the Remnant is also extremely pro-SSPX and often denigrates Vatican II and the Novus Ordo Mass. It doesn’t make the effort to distinguish between Vatican II and the “spirit of Vatican II.” Nor does it distinguish between the Novus Ordo Mass and abuses of the Novus Ordo Mass. There are also vitriolic condemnations of various things the the current and past popes (John Paul II especially) have said or done.

In addition, they call orthodox Catholics who disagree with them “neo-Catholics” and accuse them of thinking that everything is perfect in the Church and that they must agree with every little prudential judgment the pope makes. Oh c’mon, I don’t know a single orthodox Catholic who thinks there’s nothing wrong in the Church today! Read publications like “The Wanderer,” watch EWTN, and look up organizations such as “Catholics United for the Faith,” “Women for Faith and Family,” “Defenders of the Magisterium,” etc., and you’ll see that they ALL recognize problems in the Church and are hell-bent on doing something about them! Furthermore, I’ve never met a single orthodox Catholic who thinks the pope is perfect and that we must agree with every little thing he does. However, openly attacking and criticizing him violates basic laws of charity, and also, at least one past pope has condemned open attacks and criticisms of the pope. I can provide the pope and his writings if you like.

In Britain we’ve got “Faith” magazine. It is a bit stupidly reactionary, for instance the recent issue on Catholic education bewailed the state of Catholic schools, completely failing to recognise that the generation that fell away was largely educated under the old regime.

Catholic schools, like all British schools, are in a dire state, but they are much better on all measures than the secular ones. In fact in some areas the churches are packed out with young familes desperate to secure a place.

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Little problem with the SSPX magazine, the Angelus:

At least up to mid 2003, they weren’t above using articles verbatim from Gnosis magazine.

For their part, nearly 20 years ago, Gnosis “scooped” Dan Brown’s *Da Vince Code, * with this sensational “discovery:”

The good archbishop Levevbre himself, it seemed, had a special hold on Rome, due to his very special ancestry.:smiley:

Luckily, and to their credit, the SSPX Society left that particular article by *Gnosis *strictly alone.

As for the Remnant’s special March to May 2001 series, the “angry, embittered author(s)” lambasted any and all Baptisms, except with water.

The way he (or they) dealt with the “problem” of the salvation of the Good Thief on the Cross was laugh-out-loud entertainment.


Part of the reason I like the Remnant (and The Latin Mass magazine) is that they are willing to critique the Novus Ordo itself, and not just the abuses. Thus they are hitting on the main issue. And they’re doing something done formerly by Pope Benedict, Dietrich von Hildebrand, Cardinal Ottaviani, Dr. William Marra, etc. And there are some Catholics who really won’t critique directives or allowances issued by the Vatican such as the use of altar girls or communion in the hand and other issues. They seem to take the attitude that if the Vatican allowed it, it must be a work of the Holy Spirit.

I don’t believe in general the Remnant considers the New Mass invalid, however; though I can’t speak for each individual author. And if any of them did consider it invalid, I would greatly disagree with them, as would the clerics and laypeople I mentioned above.

By the way, this isn’t a magazine, but if anyone wants to download some really good talks, go to Keep the

Great input!

Thanks to all.

I am settling on the Latin Mass Magazine and New Oxford Review for 2007.

The OP has made his preferences clear. He wants good traditionalist magazines that are loyal to the Pope and the magisterium.

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