Good vs Evil; A Movie, " The Passing of the Third Floor Back

Entertainment and relaxation are important to human life. And it doesn’t hurt if there is a strong moral involved. The movie " The Passing of the Third Floor Back " is an outstanding movie of this genera. It is a 1935 British production featuring Conrad Velt and some other noted actors and based on a story by Jerome K Jerome, a noted British writer. It is available on U-Tube and Archive.Org. The U-Tube showing is clearer, the Archive.Org version is larger.

I won’t spoil the movie by explaining it, but to understand it fully you will have to pay close attention to the first minute or two and the last five minutes. You will not be disappointed.
Let us know what you think. What did you learn ?

I have another thread on the Media Forum called " Oldies but Goodies," and I would like those interested to share some of their favorite " Old " movie titles. I define " Old " as those of the 30s and perhaps some in the 40s. My favorites have been the British productions.


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