Good Website Explaining Tridentine Mass

I haven’t been officially Catholic for very long, but the more I study the more I feel called to ‘Traditional Catholicism’. I observe many of the old disciplines, when possible, with the exception of attending a TLM. I’ve heard, however, that our Monsignor wants to start having one as soon as the MP comes into effect.

I’ve watched some videos of a TLM on YouTube and such, but of course watching something and living it are two different things. The problem I’m having so far is that the videos are barely audible or the ‘shots’ are from angles that you wouldn’t see from a pew, or it’s a ‘special occasion’ Mass.

I really want to understand what’s going on, so I’m turning to the experts. I searched the threads but couldn’t find anything. I have a St. Joseph’s daily missal (but I’m not great with Latin pronunciation). I would like recommendations on a website with audible Mass videos and that really breaks down the Latin Mass. The kind of Latin Mass that I would see on a normal Sunday.

A site with a chart on the Old Calender would be really appreciated too!

I’m just getting started again after a 40 year lapse. I found it helpful to listen to the High Mass Gregorian Chants with my MP3 player during my morning walk. The High Mass can be compared with a Latin musical, so memorizing the order of the Chants will keep you abreast with the priest. Next Sunday is the 12th Sunday after Pentecost and you can find if at this site:

Load them into the MP3 player in the correct order, because a batch will mix them out of their proper order.

The 1962 Missal has pictures along both collars of the priest doing a ritual to keep you abreast.


Here is a link to a site that teaches the TLM to priests through videos. The pronunciation is slow and audible.

Did you see the TLM videos that are listed near the end of this page? Some are really good like the one from France :thumbsup:

Perfect! Thank you both!

just wanted to tell you you’re lucky. my diocese announced there was going to be no real change. only two parishes currently have a TLM, the closest of which is in a town 45 mins. away. i wish i lived in chicago. they have latin mass at a lot of churches. :frowning:

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