Good Wishes for Paris Blues: Tomorrow is the Day!


Hi Paris,

I just wanted to start a thread where others could come and share with you some things about their confirmation.

I was confirmed at 38. The great thing about it was I knew and understood everything I was feeling. That overwhelming JOY that pastes this ridiculous smile on your face!

The sad part was to see some young people who had the joy of the Lord, see that smile, and then see the Holy Spirit, I don’t know, leek away. (Note, this is obviously not meant theologically, just trying to describe what I saw.) It was as if the Lord was ready to fill them to overflowing, but they expected so little, little was able to stay.

My advice for you? Beg for Him! Beg for Him to fill you to overflowing. Ask for Him to make your bowl BIG, in order to receive the Holy Spirit. Do it now, do it before, during and after your confirmation. And be prepared to be greatly blessed!



Thank you! I’m looking forward! :smiley:

I will tell you how it goes!!! :thumbsup:


Congratulations, Paris!! Many blessings to you!!



Paris -

Gleefully and joyfully I wish the happiest day for you. You are completing your initiation into the Church, Christ’s Body here on earth.

I will be praying for you.


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