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I recently went on a Catholic/SSPX Pilgrimage with the Remnant Newspaper to Chartres, and it was wonderful. I am looking for more young adult 16-25 year old range pilgrimages. I am 18, and I am looking for a chance to come closer with Christ, and I have discovered that pilgrimages are a great way to do it. I am looking for a 2010 pilgrimage.

Thanks in advance,
Archangel Mike

I know the FSSP does a similar pilgrimage to Chartres and I can’t imagine anything better. The SSPX and FSSP also do pilgrimages to shrines and other holy places around the world a few times a year, but they aren’t specifically youth oriented. The SSPX provides some info about their upcoming pilgrimages, but I don’t know about the FSSP. Do share if you find others! God bless!

Thanks for the wonderful post. :slight_smile: I am Byzantine/Roman Catholic, not SSPX and I am kind of looking for something maybe in Rome, or Spain, maybe even Russian. but I want something that is designed as a college age pilgrimage. :thumbsup:

The SSPX have their own pilgrimage - they do not march to Chartres, they march FROM Chartres to Paris. It’s the reverse of the Notre Dame de Chretiente pilgrimage. Only those groups/fraternities loyal to the Pope and in full Communion with the Church attend the Chartres-Paris pilgrimage. Hence, the Remnant attends this one, and NOT the SSPX one.

Mike, I probably saw you there this year, and didn’t know it. I was the chapter leader of the Canadians and I frequently visited the Remnant Chapter! I met Michael Matt there, and a couple girls.

May I interest you in a pilgrimage closer to home? I help organize and participate in the annual Marie Reine du Canada Pilgrimage. It is growing, and soon we hope to have an American chapter. It is 100KM (62 miles) from Montreal to Trois Rivieres, where the shrine is (a miraculous statue opened its eyes about 100 years ago). We walk in historic New France, where the Canadian/American martyrs travelled. They made the pilgrimage too. We start in a little town outside Montreal where Isaac Jogues and his companions were.

We have had some Americans come up before; we hope more will come. If you can’t come this year, well, it will again be held in 2010.

Here is some info:

We will be coming out with a 10 minute promo video of the pilgrimage very soon…

Assuming you are American…

oooh that looks like a good one, I would like this topic to keep flourishing, but I will look further into this one.

I have already taken a pilgrimage this year, but really will have a hard time saving vacation time till sept next year (I get 2 weeks vacation time first week of march, but I can save it)

Great! It’s an excellent pilgrimage - it’s the Canadian Chartres for sure.

Look for the promo video this week on YouTube…

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