Goodbye for Lent


See you after Easter! May you all have a happy, holy Lent!


Bye Sam! :crying:

:smiley: See you after Easter.


Me too.

(gulp… very nervous… already starting to go through withdrawl and it isn’t even Wednesday yet!)

Can I really stay away until Easter??? I am going to ask my husband to hide the laptop so I’m not tempted. My kids were like, “WOW… if you are giving up the computer, maybe we’ll give up TV?!” We are going to have ALOT more time on our hands… which will be nice.

:wave: Goodbye… God Bless… I’ll miss you!


Me, too.
Ditto on the “Gulp”…and with my work, I have to use the laptop!

Prayers on my behalf will be appreciated. (And if you have your own reasons to not want to see me here, that is OK with me! Pray away, anyway!! :thumbsup: )

Oh, well, here goes…


I’m outta here, too! May you all haved a blessed and holy lent. I guess I’ll start folding that pile of towels on my chair:o . Good-bye :crying: :wave:



Goodbye everyone!
I’ll be outta here tooooooooo. :frowning:
See ya’ll Easter Monday!


You guys are ALL leaving me?!?!?!?!? :crying:

But who will I announce my happy news to when I have my baby on March 15th?

Just kidding of course, but I will miss you all. Happy, blessed Lent to all of you. :wave:


Hey - I’m still checking my email! So EMAIL me! :slight_smile:


You will have the 'mudgies who need this site!

(Although, I am cutting back).

Those of you are are ceasing for Lent- a very blessed and productive Lent, and please pray for all of us, and CAF.


I’ll still be here. Deb


That’s just GREAT news.
I’m quitting smoking for Lent (and forever) and I was coming here for support!

:eek: :eek: :eek:


Oh no! I hadn’t thought of that :eek: I might have to drop by here on St. Patrick’s Day to check on you :wink: We’ll be praying for you nonetheless! And you too, LynnieLew!


Bye! Have a happy and holy Lent!


Maybe you won’t deliver until after Easter? :stuck_out_tongue:

NO! Only kidding! May you have a wonderful, safe, easy delivery & may God bless your sweet new baby!! I can’t wait to hear the details when I get back!

Also for you LynnieLew… Good Luck with the smoking! That is a wonderful thing to give up! Your :heart: will love you for it!
God Bless!

:wave: CM


We’ll miss you. I don’t post a whole lot these days, but I do enjoy coming here and reading up on everyone. I do think that this forum is a wonderful place to evangelize. It is also a place I have come to for prayers. In fact, Sam, it was during Lent last year that Gabriel died and you all prayed so much for my family. So, I hope that those of you who are leaving for lent check back periodically. I know I was given much grace and very much appreciate the prayers.



wow i didn’t realize so many of you were leaving for lent

i gave up all internet last year, but with so many gone i’ll prob no be around much either:)


Lynnie, I quit smoking in 1976. I’ll be here for you.

It’s almost 5pm here, and so far so good in the fasting department. The abstaining from meat department is easy, but the fasting part…now that’s hard.


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