Goodbye Good Men

I’m seriously condisering a vocation to the diocesan priesthood. I’ve met with my pastor on several occasions and now I have a meeting set up with the vocations director.In His book Michael Rose singles out my diocese, and the main seminary St, Mary’s as among the worst in the country when it comes to orthodoxy and fidelity to Rome. He also describes major problems within the structure including a subversive and powerful gay subculture and the "weeding out’’ of orthodox seminarians. My question is this. Being one of those potential “orthodox” seminarians, is what Michael Rose said still true, and should I pursue a more Orthodox Diocese or seminary?

I have not read the book. Here’s a thread with the topic in CAF back in 2005.

Since you are discerning the diosesan priesthood, may I suggest you read “To Save a Thousand Souls” by Fr. Brett Brannen?

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