Goofinitions Word Game


This is a wordgame where you choose an existing word, don’t change its spelling at all, then look at it from a different angle and supply the new definition.

Like this:

default: to eliminate any flaws or imperfections; or to exonerate


Stephen: putting your foot on a female chicken.


Shortage: something that doesn’t last very long.


Opinion: stuffing a pie in the middle of an onion.


America: hi my name is Erica.


Reply: after someone sold something to you, and you try to sell it to somebody else.


Actuary: a place to take dead actors. (I didn’t make this one up)


I liked this game back when it was called called “Balderdash”.


United: when one is stripped of all things technological (eg phones, computers)


Companions: a term to denote all the workers unions in a company.


Pronation: someone who is patriotic about his her country.


Liverpool: a place where they stockpile livers.


Ratio, your posts are great. :heart_eyes: If you have many at once, you can put them all in one post. :grin:

playschool: institution dedicated to teaching all manner of games


Thanks. No, I post them as I think of one. I’ll forget if I save them for later. Wish CAF would let me combine my posts as an afterthought.

My friend Alan, I always call him Al. When he goes to Austria, he becomes AUSTRALIA.


Word: a sword that has lost its head.


There is no WMD in Iraq. (I’m talking about the letters of the word literally of course.)


Sinking: a bad ruler.


Generation: when one wants to be simple and has less genes.


Carpet: when your domesticated animal is in your vehicle.


European: what you’re doing in the bathroom.

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