Google Books

Anyone besides me playing around with this? They've got a ton of public domain stuff that can be downloaded for free. You have to install a downloader program, but once you have that, just plug in the URL and it brings the document over as a .pdf file that can be viewed on Adobe Reader. I'm currently going through the Life Magazine issues from 1938 -- fascinating!

I use Google Books. I think this format is much more preferable to the Kindle model. Google books allows you to buy open format (epub) books or view their large database of non-copyrighted books. You can then view these books on any computer, tablet or reader device (except the Kindle). That way if you buy a new reader device, tablet or computer your library will still be compatible.

Unfortunatly people like Jimmy Akins first publish in the Kindle format. I am still waiting for his Fathers Know Best book and his Mass Revision book to be published in Epub format. I think Amazon either makes it easier for the writer or they might make if financially advantageous to the writer. I think readers need to insist that publishers publish in the Epub format so that we are not tied to one reading device company.

Also Epub is a better library format. Kindle now allows you to take out their books from the library but they control the content and then try to sell you the book after your loan period is up.

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