Google extends conservative outreach as Trump calls tech meeting


Alphabet’s Google is racing to hire more conservatives for its lobbying and policy arm, trying to get a foothold in President-elect Donald Trump’s Washington after enjoying a uniquely close relationship with the administration of President Barack Obama.

In the weeks since the Nov. 8 election, Google has ramped up efforts to hire Republican lobbying firms and in-house lobbyists to change the composition of its Washington office, according to three lobbyists with knowledge of the matter.

The company also posted an advertisement for a manager for conservative outreach and public policy partnership, seeking a “liaison to conservative, libertarian and free market groups.”

While the position is not new, it gives Google a chance to make a hire that reflects the new political climate. Conservatives already are represented in the office…

…Only 33 employees of Google and its parent company Alphabet donated $201 or more to Trump, for a total of $23,300. Clinton received donations from 1,359 Google or Alphabet employees for a total of $1.6 million. Google NetPAC, the company’s political action committee, made 56 percent of its contributions to Republicans in the 2016 election cycle, according to data from the Center for Responsive Politics.

During Obama’s presidency, more than 250 people moved between jobs at Google or related firms and the federal government, national political campaigns and Congress, according to a report this year by the Campaign for Accountability, a watchdog group. The company notched several wins during the administration, including favorable policies on net neutrality.

Google seemed poised to enjoy similar treatment under a Clinton administration. Schmidt was seen wearing a staff badge at Clinton’s election night party, a sign of their close relationship. But those ties are now something of a liability as the company tries to re-position its presence, lobbyists said.



The Art of the Deal:D:thumbsup:


The only potential issue I see, Trumpian Deswampification.

If the President-elect wants a draining of the lobbyist that poison the beltway he may unintentionally create a new swamp.

I also noticed Boeing defense headquarters is now moving to DC to find better leverage to lobby.


What would Google be lobbying lawmakers for?


Taxes. H-1b visas immigration issues. They have interests like any business.


Just wondering — are H-1B visa holders cheaper to hire or are they more skilled?


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