Google indexes posts

so this isn’t anonymous, private, or safe

It’s as anonymous, private, and safe as any other public internet forum. CAF is not a private site for members only, anyone can read the boards. This is why the forum rules and guidelines are set the way they are.

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Personally Identifiable Data

Any site with 3000+ members is not private.

Any site that you can read more than the first post in a thread without logging in is definitely not private.

Safe, in internet terms, is a site that requires HTTPS: (Secure HTML) addresses for every page, and/or requires a VPN client login before access. My work has a VPN (Virtual Private Network); I can’t access anything without using the secure VPN client, and even then, some of the pages use HTTPS: calls for added security… then again, those pages deal with student records, employee records, and other such data. The most secure of those can’t even be accessed outside the hard private network.

Secure is purely relative. HTTPS calls can range from negligible (as low as 24bit encryption) to pretty darned good (1024bit or more, single session keys). VPN’s can be likewise weak to strong. Plus enforcement of password standards can range from lax to draconian, and pasword minimums from trivial to insanely tough.

No system on a network is “truly secure” from other machines on that network. True security is a HPN that has no connection to other networks.

Of course Google indexes the posts. That’s how I found this site! :slight_smile:

I guess I don’t understand the OP’s concerns. Why would we want to hide what we talk about?

I don’t know about the OP, but a few posters seek out this site at grave personal risk if discovered and “outed”.

Several youth in Muslim families have found this site, and faith in Christ, and participate under constant threat of loss of home, or worse. They come seeking truth, and at grave personal risk. In some Islamic countries, it is in fact criminal to convert from Islam, or to even seek information about converting from Islam. Each of those posters risks martyrdom with every question.

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