Google’s Grand Plan to Make Your Brain Irrelevant


“Google is on a shopping spree, buying startup after startup to push its business into the future. But these companies don’t run web services or sell ads or build smartphone software or dabble in other things that Google is best known for. The web’s most powerful company is filling its shopping cart with artificial intelligence algorithms, robots, and smart gadgets for the home. It’s on a mission to build an enormous digital brain that operates as much like the human mind as possible — and, in many ways, even better…”


Seems to me they are throwing their money away.


Perhaps. There’s no doubt that buildings and cars are going in the JARVIS direction. Pretty soon our refrigerators and cupboards will be telling our smart phones what we’re low on, our smart phones will be linking up with our supermarket frequent customer memberships online for coupons, and then then telling us through our car speakers when we’re on the way home what it is we need to go buy, and the fastest way to get through traffic to get there. :smiley:


Google doesn’t want to be your brain. It just wants complete access to your brain so it can sell your brain and eyeballs to its myriad advertisers. Google seems to sell one product best–and that’s us.


Of course Google can never make anything "like the human mind b/c the human mind is more than just the brain. The brain is matter. The mind is spirit. Google can make a complex calculating machine that can function like a brain, but it can do nothing to make a mind, for only persons have minds, and only God can make persons.


Ahh, but you forget, the current wisdom is that “mind and brain are synonyms.”

Never mind that this is like saying that light and window are the same; the paradigm is set.



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