Google is one of several companies strenuously pushing gay “marriage.” It has a financial basis because of they don’t want to pay extra for gay couples. Can anyone recommend a good alternative search engine? Are there any Catholic ones, or Catholic owned?

Depends. Do you want a search engine that will actually find stuff that you’re looking for?

The only feasible alternates that currently exist (in english) from what I remember are Bing (by Microsoft) or Yahoo (and I believe Yahoo uses data from one of the other 2 anyways now).

Nah. Just about everybody is pushing immorality these days. I’m reminded of Paul writing about not being associated with liars and other sinners. In the next letter, he has to amend that and points out that the didn’t mean it that way. By that standard, you could never leave your house. That’s the world we find ourselves in.

Oh… I have not read that anywhere…

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