So, I found out about this religion online. What’s the deal? They seem to make some strong points, but I’m not sure if they are actually serious or if they are a parody.

That is ridiculous.

They don’t seem as devout as the Landover Baptists. :wink:

This reminds me of certain fanbases making religions based on their fanbases.
Also, Poe’s Law.

Most importantly:

The disclaimer at the bottom - We are not affiliated with Google Inc.

Whew! I was afraid I would have to start using bing or something…

Is that page still up? There used to be people who believed that site was real. :eek:

They’re just making an idiotic point, much like the Pastafarians.

Don’t forget the Cullenists.

Good grief, folks, it’s a joke! :stuck_out_tongue:

Or the Church of the SubGenius.


The Google god knows all, but yet cannot tell Truth from lie. That is up to us.

In the case of the Cullenists, they are almost gone.

Stuff like this always starts out as though they are criticizing all religion, but then they fairly quickly ditch that facade and focus their energies on criticizng Christianity.

Just a bunch of atheists pretending to be witty. :rolleyes:

When you say they make some good points, I sincerely hope you were joking. :slight_smile:

It is indeed a joke and it is a ridiculous one.

Their Forum seems to be going strong. Landover Baptist must be one of the longest-lived ‘religious’ (A-hem) sites in the Net.

The real Church of Google has its world headquarters in Bermuda, the tax shelter the Google-ites use to hide billions while lobbing raising taxes on Americans doing business in America. Feh…

The Cullenists? Do you mean someone is worshipping Sparklepires?

So funny and blasphemes at the same time my fav combo

Yes, there were those who worshiped characters from the Twilight series. Seeing as the fad died out, they are virtually gone.
Then again, I’ve seen people worship Korean pop idols as of late.

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