GOP candidate Carson threatens to leave Republican Party


WASHINGTON (AP) — In what would be a nightmare scenario for the GOP, presidential candidate Ben Carson threatened Friday to leave the Republican Party amid reports of deepening concerns from GOP officials about the splintered 2016 electorate.

The retired neurosurgeon lashed out at Republican leaders who discussed the possibility of a “brokered convention” during a recent private dinner in Washington. The Washington Post first reported Thursday that the group, including Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, addressed the sustained strength of billionaire business Donald Trump and the possibility that a consensus nominee might not emerge before the party’s mid-July national convention in Cleveland.

“If this was the beginning of a plan to subvert the will of the voters and replace it with the will of the political elite, I assure you Donald Trump will not be the only one leaving the party,” Carson said in a statement that referenced Trump’s repeated threats to leave the GOP if treated “unfairly.”

“I pray that the report in the Post this morning was incorrect,” Carson added. “If it is correct, every voter who is standing for change must know they are being betrayed. I won’t stand for it.”


He said he “wouldn’t run as a third party” -

I wonder who the majority of Dr Carson’s support would go to if he left the race? I’m thinking to Donald Trump or perhaps Ted Cruz? Could be wrong though. What plan could stop a candidate getting enough delegates?

Sean Trende looked at the odds for those running winning the Republican nomination and gives Donald Trump a 20% chance of winning the nomination, the most of any candidate, but he points out there is an 80% chance he won’t, but Sean Trende gives the highest percentage, 25%, to a candidate not getting enough delegates:

No One (25 percent): My most likely scenario is still that no one wins a sufficient number of delegates to claim the nomination. As Nate Silver lays it out, this comes in three different “flavors”: (1) No one wins, but someone is close enough that the writing is on the wall; (2) no one wins, but things get sorted out at the convention; (3) no one wins, and it is fought out on the convention floor. I agree with Silver that these are presented in decreasing order of likelihood, and actually put the overall percentages lower than he did (and lower than I did last winter).

But I still think there’s a very good chance this happens, for a lot of the reasons I wrote about in January. It’s a deep field, without an overall frontrunner; super PACs can keep candidates standing past their normal expiration date; and (perhaps most importantly) the calendar creates incentives for candidates to stay in as long as they can. After the early proportional representation states is a treasure-trove of winner-take-all states, which could catapult an also-ran to first place. Again, this isn’t more likely than not to occur, but it’s still the most likely single outcome, in my book.


Let him. I think he’s a nice person and obviously he is highly educated but if he wants to leave he can leave. It’s a free country. It’s not like there aren’t worthy Republican candidates already in the race. And no I don’t mean Trump. They can both go if they want to.


He’s a Smooth talkin man ,that should Finnish public life and go Fishin instead,
Sit at a campfire with associates and chat about what could have been,


huh? You want him to go to Finland?


Remember, scenario (1) of the “No One wins” scenario occured with the Dem party in 2008. The more candidates that are left, the more likely Trump enters with the most delegates, but the less likely that there will be anyone with an absolute majority of delegates. Honestly, though, before Trump entered the race and took everything over, the GOP’s nightmare scenario was having Ted Cruz as the nominee.


“Danger, Will Robinson, danger!” Not a “brokered convention.” That was the rallying cry of Ron Paul’s failed presidential bid.


And now he appears to be the rational candidate.


I say “good for him!” He seems honest and if he sees an injustice being done he will not sit by silently on the sidelines.


For the sake of the GOP, It may be best for him to just sit silently if the alternative is running third party…


all I can say is the GOP better get its act together! I don’t want a democrat for another 8 years! They will only have themselves to blame if they can’t get this straightened out. I am almost ready to become unafilliated because I don’t even know if there is a political party I agree with.



You are absolutely correct.

I don’t mind Trump but there seems to be a worry about what he could do next. I like Cruz but he’s not that well-known, Rubio is fine, Dr. Ben is okay with me.


I think Dr. Carson has lost some voters because of how he is perceived on some of the issues; I think his comments on the Terry Schiavo case may have hurt him but at least he’s honest. We’ll see, he’s been on the talk show circuit lately, he has a very serious campaign going on so with top-advisers, I’m not sure if I understand why some things he says appear extraordinary.


The GOP is against Trump becoming president and I’m not sure if I could blame them. He is giving the entire party a bad name with some of the things he says.

I’m not sure on how much the GOP is against Carson, but it doesn’t matter any way because his peak is over. The guy is dropping rapidly.


I second that!


Took everything over? Sure he garners a lot of attention. But you do realize don’t you, he gets, give or take, only about 1/3 of the Republican primary electorate? Yes I know that’s a plurality and I know he has a hardcore group behind him. Some even say they disagree with him on this or that but they won’t abandon the guy no matter what.

More however do not support him than do. And sure he may end up being a 2nd choice for some. But I’m going to hold off saying he has taken everything over until I see if his luster begins to tarnish if he loses to Cruz or someone in Iowa, and how he is positioned in a much narrower field, if Republican primary voters who are not now in his camp coalesce around another, and then see if he somehow still gains the GOP nomination, if he can actually hold up against Hillary Clinton. Before I credit him for taking everything over.


Do you mean Ted Cruz? When I think of the possibility that Ted Cruz is now appearing to be the Republican Party’s rational candidate, my mind spins. :hypno: But I guess that only shows how irrational things have become to me. :shrug:


I don’t blame them either and I agree. I just don’t think his supporters see it yet.

But Carson and Trump might leave the Republican Party and it seems a couple posters so far would consider it to.


Trump seems to be resonating with many Americans. There are some things I like about Trump and some I don’t. I am sorry that Dr. Carson’s numbers are dropping.


I can’t imagine the country as a whole voting for Donald Trump, if it comes to that.

By getting the support he has, he is already doing irreparable harm to the Republican party, and confirming all the negative stereoptypes about what it means to be a conservative in America.

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