GOP confidence grows on Kavanaugh


Senate Republicans say that Brett Kavanaugh’s chances of confirmation have improved because of new doubts over allegations of sexual misconduct against the embattled Supreme Court nominee.
That growing confidence was reflected Tuesday by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), who told reporters after a meeting of the Senate GOP conference that he will have enough votes to confirm Kavanaugh.


Revenge is Yours, saith the Lord! Can You help the truth come out, God, pls


Let’s not celebrate prematurely. Better to
wait until the vote actually takes place.
Keep praying!


Praising before hand is positive affirmation in the outcome of the prayer.
If all their witnesses say, Kavanaugh is innocent, why is there doubt. His calendar is proof, along w friends agreement who associated w Kavanaugh.
What happened to Christine?? Something, did but it was not Kavanaugh! Everybody else said NOPE! Wasn’t him… 36 yrs ago, fuzzy recall! Why Kavanaugh! Did she have a crush on him and wanted it to be Brett.??? It was the poor alcoholic & she didn’t want it to be him. They never met but Chris could have seen him playing B.B. Got a fixated crush on him???
Anyway, the truth came out today. Don’t gauge it by emotions or cracking speech patterns.
The calendar and witnesses.


I watched the hearing today, but we still
don’t know how the votes will go or if the
democrats have anymore tricks up their
It is always good to be optimistic, but when you deal with people who are not fair or who cheat or scheme, you don’t know what might happen next.
Have they decided to proceed with the vote tomorrow? I was not able to watch the last hour of the coverage.


I think it is still on for 930 tomorrow am.


Yes! Vote tomorrow! Corker is a yes! I think Flake will be! Graham excoriated the Dems & said,”IF ANY REP, doesn’t vote yes, you are saying K is guilty of crimes.



I was told Manchin indicated he was a likely yes vote, but can’t confirm as I didn’t see it.


Committee vote tomorrow. Full Senate vote Tuesday. As of now looking good for confirmation.


Isn’t it Monday?


I just heard on Fox News that full Senate vote is set for Tuesday.


Apparently, TUES is the final vote day??! I’m confused. Frinis s vote day.


It’s still in commitee. The vote to get it out of committee is Friday. If he passes that vote he goes before the entire Senate.


Thank you, Zach.
IDK how Ford is fixated on K? He has his calendars… that is evidence. They didn’t hang around w HOLTON! All the Catholic Schhols in the area, hung together. They called themselves the Catholic Maffia.— Cute.
As respectfully, as I can be, how is she hung up on BRETT? She was weak today & terrified. Can’t recall all details from 36 yrs ago?? So wrong! She couldn’t tell parents… Speaking of parents, I saw photos in her yearbook before it was taken down… TAKEN DOWN! WHY? The photos were not of young ladies. They were holding beers & were sprawled out on the furniture. I don’t think any of them were virgins at graduation. This behavior was starting in college in the 60’s! Her time was the 80’s and it was in HS. Well, 11 yo’s were sexually active in 1992…Where are we going, my little one, little one? Where are we going, the love of my own? TURN AROUND! Can we turn it around?
So, psychologists can have psych problems. They can have chemical imbalances. She sees counsolers. OK! I did, too. Moved from E to the W, b/c of insecurities on E coast. Lies! Claustrophobic from incident. But flew to Hawaii twice. Flew to Bethany beach Del.when she was saying she couldn’t fly to Wash. ?? She’s been to CostoRicio?? IDK…
Did she have a far-away school girl crush on Brett from far away?? Did he snub her in passing and crush her little spirit.
You know, starting out in Holton, they were sweet kids. She looked so innocent in that photo. Sophomore year, her classmates were starting to go where angels fear to tread. Beer, getting drunk to forget, parties, boys, sex. Each virgin, male or female have strange, guilty feelings of first time. Girls follow older girls! “I have to do this!” It’s not even love! It’s a right of passage. EVERYONES DOING IT! How many young ladies are troubled b/c they know, it wasn’t right. Parents spending mega bucks on private schools that take your kid on educational trips, they weren’t suppose to go on. AAAHHHH.
Even the Catholic kids getting drunk w beer. After today, they better watch it!!
So, all her witnesses say, it didn’t happen. AND the Dems can’t say, Chris, your friends say, it’s not so. They can’t hold the calendar, & say,” he WASNT in town!” It is so clear, it’s about stopping his nomination. I pray, the Holy Spirit opens our eyes to the truth.
Protect the Kavanaugh family. Strengthen his Mom & Dad, his wife & daughters. Heal Christine Basley-Ford! She is troubled, Lord. Unleash the straps around her Spirit. Bring her memory back to truth. In Jesus name


I start to feel worried and think! “GOD WANTED TRUMP IN! WHY? SC judges to end or change abortions. God wanted Trump, as he is PRO-Christianity & Israel. We can say, MERRY CHRISTMAS! HOOT HOOT! The first ammendment says,they can’t stop us from practicing,our religion. The L forgot that part for 8 yrs(?).
Plus, all the other reasons, God wanted Trump. WHY WORRY! We must be obedient and diligent. If we are faithful, God is faithful. This is God’s battle. We are His Warriors!
Open their eyes Lord and let them see Jesus!



Good grief!
His book—Mark used friends names to honor them. He embellished situations & made some up.
“Is this Kavanaugh in his book, You?” asked Hartis(?) Kavanaugh was clumsy here. First b/c he was being honored w a part in the book. The character is NOT HIM. Beer drinker or not.
Kavanaugh wanted to explain & Harris wanted a yes or no! Really, the answer was both! The name was him. The character not. If he had character drinking beer, it wasn’t the same.
Like the UN laughed at POTUS. It looked bad. But, if you show the whole clip, they were laughing w him. Niki Haley stated they were all going up to him, shaking hands. NOT IRAN! She said that they love his unfiltered mouth where truth flows out. Even if POTUS Is telling them something they don’t like. They like the way he tells it!
They know his heart.
Just for comparison on how you listen to messages, if you’re given a negative picture and don’t research it. OR you get affidavits and you don’t like what they’re saying and keep wanting to dig and dig, etc. there are more affidavits in support of Kavanaugh. We can vote him in and if these claims are true, arrest him. He’ll go to trial and the DNC will be found culpable on soft coupes on TRUMP & Kavanaugh…


Indeed …


a Senate insider has told Townhall that Kavanaugh has the votes to make it out of committee and the votes to be confirmed on the floor for a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court. Sens. Flake (R-AZ), Collins (R-ME), Murkowski (R-AK), and Manchin (D-WV) are expected to vote in favor of Kavanaugh. All the Republicans are voting yes. Also, in the rumor mill, several Democrats may break ranks and back Kavanaugh.

the source is an unnamed senate insider but i certainly hope its true.

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