GOP Debate: And then there were six


GOP Debate: And then there were six

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Saturday, Feb. 13, 2016 - 9:21 a.m.

GREENVILLE, S.C. – The Latest on the 2016 presidential race, with the focus turning to South Carolina and the Republican debate on Saturday night:

And then there were six.

The 2016 presidential field is shrinking on the Republican side, and those still in the race are preparing for Saturday night’s debate in Greenville, South Carolina.

The latest contender to drop out is Jim Gilmore, a former Virginia governor.



Praying for Rubio daily, and for God’s mercy in giving this country what we need rather than what we deserve.


We can vote for another “all talk no action” politician who listen to their donors and special interests rather than the people, or we can choose a candidate who puts his own interests on the line to fight for the people, who will secure the border and stand up for the silent majority who have been pushed aside by both parties.


Trump was spouting almost radical leftist talking points about Iraq and he claims he was against the war at the time but there is not that much evidence for that.

Trump Goes Code Pink on George W. Bush

Even if the headline may be a bit over the top, there still seems to be some truth in it.


“No matter what he does—question the president’s birth certificate, denigrate John McCain for getting captured in Vietnam, call Mexicans rapists, skip a Fox News debate—he only seems to rise in the polls.”

Trump (in exchange with Rubio): “(Planned Parenthood) does wonderful things but not as it relates to abortion.”

Wait, what? :confused:


He was against the war very early on.


Maybe he doesn’t know what planned parenthood does. I’m not sure what they do. I only hear prolifers talk about them doing abortions but have no idea if they do other things besides.


In Fact | Donald Trump Opposed Iraq War — but After It Started

One would have to check his exact words but it sounds like he says he was against us going into Iraq, that is a bit different than being against it after the war has started.


I look for two more to drop out March 2nd.


IMO trump did the worst in the SC debate, he showed his true colors, his lifetime liberal positions were exposed, he dodged questions, blamed bush for 9/11, said planned parenthood does wonderful things for women :eek:
Ben Carson did the best and he didn’t get into any attacks or name calling, just solid conservative positions on the issues. I wish the media would give Carson more exposure, he is much further outside the political circle than trump, but somehow trump is getting most of the outsider credit.
Rubio sounded good especially on his point about strengthening the traditional family structure, which goes along with the end of his last debate when he said he would rather loose the nomination than compromise on life issues.:thumbsup:
Cruz also did well, IMO he is the most solid conservative in the race, he knows the constitution well and we could count on Cruz not to cave under pressure and also to nominate good constitutional conservatives to the supreme court and other gov’t positions.


correction that was an exchange with Cruz


I hope so.


The time frames of Trump speaking out about being against the war and actually after we entered Iraq are pretty close. The entrance into Iraq was somewhat of a surprise to many of us. I remember thinking that we committed ourselves to fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan and ridding the world of Bin Laden, of which at the time Bush had favorable support from most Americans. The next thing you know we are talking about WMD, invading Iraq and talking about the axis of evil. It was like, “Hey, I thought we were in Afghanistan, what is this all about?” Bush lost a lot of support with the entrance into Iraq War,when people put things together and tried to figure out what was going on and why. I suppose Trump also thought initially maybe like many Americans there was a reason that would surface in this shift in war objectives. To many Americans a clear reason for entering Iraq was never really provided.


The reason is clear to me, Iraq was not allowing in Nuclear Inspectors.

I’ve read other articles, here is a recent article on Trump and the Iraq war.

Trump Was Against Iraq War? Not Really

Trump acts as if he risked it all to oppose the Iraq War before the U.S. invaded. History says otherwise.
“The War in Iraq — I was the one that said, ‘Don’t go, don’t do it, you’re going to destabilize the Middle East,’ " Trump said. “So I’m not one with a trigger.”*


If Trump wins, we lose. It is that simple. But, we won’t just lose the WH, we will lose the Senate, and we will lose the Supreme Court for decades, and we will take big hits in the House. We will see a one-party government for decades. Plus, the GOP will be so marginalized at that point, that there’d be no way for them to rise from the ashes. Instead, at some future time, a new party would have to rise–though the USA would be unrecognizable when that happens. Think it can’t happen? Study history and compare it to Romans 1. Those who think God has some special protective love for the USA, study history and compare it to Romans 1.

We are at a literal crossroads in USA and World history. What happens this year will help define the future for decades. Sound overly dramatic? Wait and see what things are like when we are under one party rule.


Cite proof, please.


There’s no reason to post a big graphic here but when our troops went into Iraq, they found this billboard, what is one’s reaction to this?



PP (I refuse to state their full name) is the country’s largest abortion provider. In addition, they provide low-to-no-cost contraception, STD tests, and manual breast cancer exams (though not mammograms). Except for abortions, Community Health Centers also provide these services. But PP goes further than that. PP also goes into most public schools (and many private schools, including Catholic schools - who should be ashamed at allowing them admission) to teach sex education, trying to indoctrinate the promiscuous sex culture, the contraceptive culture, and the LGBT culture on the students. No Catholic in good standing could ever support PP in good conscience. The organization is evil to the core.

A lot of people were against going into Iraq before we went in. I know I sure was (I was against us even going into Afghanistan, but as a college student when 9/11 happened and a rural high school teacher when we were about to invade Iraq, there’s no record of my speeches before either one).



I think Carson could, but I really don’t expect to see anyone else drop out till after March 15th when Ohio and Florida vote.

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