GOP to Kasich: Get out


FAIRFAX, Va. — The Republican establishment has a message for John Kasich: get out, and get out of Marco Rubio’s way.
A string of elected officials, GOP insiders and prominent donors officially threw their support behind Rubio on Monday, calling him their last chance to take down Donald Trump. Their statements had another common theme. Some explicitly called for Kasich to quit, while others sent the same message by saying the Ohio governor’s ongoing presence is holding Rubio back.

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In the latest Quinnipiac poll, Trump is leading Kasich in Ohio by 5 points:

Four Problems With the ‘Winnowing’ Theory of Trump’s Downfall


The only way to find out if any of these theories are correct is have everyone, but Rubio or Cruz drop. Then it would be two candidates facing off for the nomination. That is not going to happen. Carson is not dropping out, and neither will Kasich until after Ohio. By then, Trump will have gathered more wins and a rolling momentum.


Kasich is the most pro-life candidate left and his experience is exemplary.

Politico is not suppose to be good journalism at all.

Orrin Hatch and Tim Pawlenty are the establishment?


Me to whoever: shutup! :rolleyes:


The one who should drop out right now is Cruz. He’s lost the evangelical vote, the central appeal he has been making.


I think Kasich and Carson should drop out. I think both are respectable men but their numbers are so low that there is no way they can win the nomination and by staying in they are not helping the party.

And hey, Cruz can go too as far as I’m concerned but I know he won’t. Especially not before March 1st.


Tell me why you think Cruz should bow out?


**Marco Rubio slams interview with ICE president who gives scathing critique of Republican candidate’s immigration reform work
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An interesting side-note with war veteran Chris Crane.


Rick Santorum in 2012 finished 3rd in South Carolina; Santorum was largely the Evangelical candidate of that year:,_2012#South_Carolina

South Carolina is not as Evangelical as perhaps some other states, that said, the latest polls seemed to show Cruz leading currently in Texas and Arkansas and I’m not sure where else.

As an aside, and back to this article, I saw one article where it asserted Rubio should declare Kasich as his vice-presidential running mate if nominated. Perhaps.


Because IMO he’s been running an unethical campaign and he isn’t fit to be POTUS.


And what does one say about Trump University? Is that a qualification for President?

Evangelical Christians, at the moment, are totally enamored with a candidate who has profited off strip clubs, cheated on his wife, and appeared on the cover of the nation’s pre-eminent porn magazine.

The Cruz staffer retweeted that video; I believe Mr. Trump has tweeted things before.

Also, it seems that what Senator Rubio has said may apparently not always be telling the truth, he said this Crane fellow was not even with ICE and other things too.


I’m not a Trump supporter and I don’t know anything about Trump University. I think I’ve pretty well documented on this forum that I don’t like Trump and don’t think he’s fit to be POTUS either. I’m sure I don’t need to reiterate why as people must be getting tired of it at this point.

Same thing with Cruz, I’ve covered his antics repeatedly already in other threads. I didn’t think the Rubio video was that big of a deal, except that it just was yet another example of the way they run their campaign.

I don’t think Rubio is perfect at all, for me he’s just the best of who’s currently in the top 3. I like Kasich a lot, it’s just obvious that he isn’t going to get the nomination. Same thing with Carson. I also actually liked Bush fairly well after all.

For me personally the groupings are, those I will not vote for under any circumstances and those that I would consider voting for. None of them are my perfect candidate.


Thanks. I feel the same way, but I’m not that politically savvy.


I feel the same way about both Rubio and Trump. Who is left that has run a 100% clean campaign and is electable?


My conscience doesn’t allow me to vote for Cruz or Trump. You can do what you want.


In a primary or general? In a primary, that makes sense and I can definitely see voting for someone else, even if they have no shot. In a general, not voting for them (assuming they get the nomination) is essentially a half vote for the democratic nominee. With the winner set to make supreme court nominations, that will make rulings impacting decades, I’d think you’d still rather have Trump or Cruz making those appointments.


This would make a great bumper sticker. :slight_smile:
Kasich memo: Rubio’s almost finished

Check out this gem from Kasich - he is now on the attack against Rubio.

He has just lost my vote. The wounds from this bloodbath will not heal by the general. To think that is as silly as thinking they will heal now. (which I admit I keep trying to do) This is the stuff of long, deep grudges.


By the way, I think Rubio takes 2nd in Nevada over Cruz, Cruz has gotten some bad press, perhaps deserved.

Candidates campaign against each other, oh, some Kasich memo:

:crying: Oh a campaign manager says his candidate can defeat an opponent over a long race? Oh, how terrible! I read the article, I don’t think there were any names called or even any mudslinging.

Mark Levin: Stop The Lies, Marco


If Kasich does not do well by the primaries ending March 17th I believe, I personally think Kasich will suspend his campaign and support Rubio.

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