GOPers Flag Kagan's Abortion, Gay Advocacy in Confirmation Opening Remarks

By Kathleen GilbertWASHINGTON, D.C., June 28, 2010 ( - Some Republican senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee indicated their opposition to Supreme Court hopeful Elena Kagan's pro-abortion and homosexualist agenda, as well as her activist leanings, amid opening remarks at...

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Well, elections have consequences. Those who voted Obama should have thought about these situations. One side note, do I blame him for his arrogance, or the University of Notre Dame honoring him during its last Commencement? I grew up believing our Lady's school was Catholic.

From the article:

A Rasmussen Reports survey released last Wednesday found 42% of U.S. voters opposed Kagan's confirmation. Thirty-five percent supported Kagan, whereas 23% were unsure.

Now, is this informed opposition? Or just backlash against Obama? Either way it doesn't look good for Obama.

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