GOP's Trump says US should consider profiling Muslims


From the Associated Press today:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Donald Trump suggested Sunday that the United States should “seriously” consider profiling Muslims inside the country as a terrorism-fighting tool, the latest example of the Republican presidential nominee-in-waiting increasingly backing positions that could single out a group based on their religion.

“We really have to look at profiling,” Trump said in an interview broadcast Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” ''It’s not the worst thing to do."

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee added that he “hate(s) the concept of profiling, but we have to use common sense.”

The statements are consistent with Trump’s other, long-expressed views on how to stop terrorism in the United States, including a temporary ban on foreign Muslims from entering the country until the U.S. can figure out “what is going on.”


So ummm why is Donald wrong? :confused: Profiling is human behavior just as is prejudice. Heck when white boys travel to the ghetto to buy dope I guess they are profiled?

Do you have a point?


Yep! So when the profile-eee comes into a gun store and wants to buy extra strength body armor and quantities of ammo, then gets on the phone speaking Arabic and his wife is wearing a burka … it ain’t Bugs Bunny!


Maybe all gun owners should be profiled…


Not law-abiding American citizens!


Islam can’t win at anything and the idea of some extra respect is stupidity. No one ever won consistently ignoring the axiom of protecting the weakest link and granting it equal rights. A fatal flaw and it cannot win at anything consistently as a result.

So ummm again what do you mean by profiling as there is only “us” and our treatment of each other with Islam has a fatal flaw which christians do not.


But there are lots of law-abiding Muslims who are American citizens. Why should any of them be profiled?


But we need to treat them just the same as if Granny in a wheel chair came into the store, fair is fair! It may also be stupid, but at least its fair.


Profiling (according to Merriam-Webster): “the act or practice of regarding particular people as more likely to commit crimes because of their appearance, race, etc.”


Presumably this includes the many Muslims who are law-abiding American citizens?


Why should anyone else be profiled ? Blacks in the beverly hills aspect of profiling and whites on the ghetto dope spree should be the same right?

Then why doesn’t Mo treat all the same? Did you ever bother asking?:confused:


Who may we ask is ‘Mo’?


Am I suppose to clap or something? And? :confused:


I was just answering your question: “what do you mean by profiling”

Answer: "“the act or practice of regarding particular people as more likely to commit crimes because of their appearance, race, etc.”


Well fo me thats short for “Mohammed” is that against a christian or muslim teaching? :confused:


Its your OP? :confused: Who cares, the point is what do YOU mean with ALL of us considered???


When a people have declared that they intend to kill each and every one of you and take over everything you had to suit themselves, you look at them twice and very closely. In fact you study and get to know everything about them, looks, speech, habits, culture, (you get the idea). If they fit the description and behave in a manner resembling the enemy, caution and defensive posture is completely correct.

These people that declared to bring about your death and that of all your loved ones and fellow countrymen, have already made good on their promise many, many times. How completely stupid does one have to become to think there is nothing to be concerned about?



Try not to cringe - its hard on your nerves. I did not use the name “Muslim or Muslims”. Maybe it was the power of suggestion that you figured it that way.


As you did not mean Muslim you clearly had a specific group in mind as you talked of a culture, shared language and habits? Would you care to identify this group? Since the thread topic concerns profiling Muslims what other group specifically sprang to mind?

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