Gorbachev warns of 'dangerous point' as US-Russia ties sour


Moscow (AFP) - Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev warned on Monday that the world has reached a “dangerous point” as tensions between Russia and the United States spike over the Syria conflict.

Relations between Moscow and Washington – already at their lowest since the Cold War over the Ukraine conflict – have soured further in recent days as the United States pulled the plug on Syria talks and accused Russia of hacking attacks.

The Kremlin has suspended a series of nuclear pacts, including a symbolic cooperation deal to cut stocks of weapons-grade plutonium.

“I think the world has reached a dangerous point,” Gorbachev, 85, told state news agency RIA Novosti.


Russia is going on the brink.

The President is driving us / not one of us will make a fuss.

This World is off to War. :eek:


I’d say Gorbachev nailed it. Good points.


Remember Fatima…what did our lady say about Russia…


I would say, please, just both sides hold off until after this election. I really hope nobody does anything stupid, there is only a few more days until the election.

I hope this has helped

God Bless You

Thank you for reading


You know… the world can’t actually end until Jesus comes back right? So, I guess we can count out the possibility of a nuclear war ending everything?

That’s good…


Yes, she said to pray for the conversion of Russia, to pray the rosary daily, to do the First Saturday devotions, repent, that if we did what she asked, there would be a period of peace. We, as a people, still haven’t done her simple requests, so we will have to live with the consequences.


I mentioned the need to consecrate Russia to Mary … but another poster said it’s not true.

It’s 99 years since Fatima.

Better say a daily Rosary.

[Dear God, what a mess. Please help us.]


About 2,250 nuclear weapons have already been tested by various countries and the world is still here.

However, they were not targeted at New York City or Washington, DC, or other cities.

So, the planet will continue to orbit the sun.

A meteor hit 200 million years ago and wiped out the dinosaurs.

Crocodiles survived.

The planet continued to orbit the sun.


SAINT Pope John Paul II has made the Consecration and it is valid. Don’t listen to "other’ voices, Trust the Pope and the Church, and PRAY the Rosary!! God Bless, Memaw


Russia has been the recipient of a multitude of prayers from around the world over several decades, and this is why I believe that today Russia is moving in a more positive path than the United States and it’s allies. It amazes me that anyone could believe a country in which Barack Obama is a two term president, and Hillary Clinton is expected to be his successor, could have the moral high ground. It’d be like an obese 60 yr old man believing he’s still the star athlete he was in high school. Times have changed, alot !


The consecration was done years ago, that is a moot point.


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