Gordon Brown: I'm proud to say sorry to a real war hero

The British PM has issued an apology for the treatment of Alan Turing by the British government in the years following World War II.

From the London Telegraph:

Turing was a quite brilliant mathematician, most famous for his work on breaking the German Enigma codes. It is no exaggeration to say that, without his outstanding contribution, the history of the Second World War could have been very different. He truly was one of those individuals we can point to whose unique contribution helped to turn the tide of war. The debt of gratitude he is owed makes it all the more horrifying, therefore, that he was treated so inhumanely.

In 1952, he was convicted of “gross indecency” – in effect, tried for being gay. His sentence – and he was faced with the miserable choice of this or prison – was chemical castration by a series of injections of female hormones. He took his own life just two years later.


It is thanks to men and women who were totally committed to fighting fascism, people like Alan Turing, that the horrors of the Holocaust and of total war are part of Europe’s history and not Europe’s present. So on behalf of the British government, and all those who live freely thanks to Alan’s work, I am very proud to say: we’re sorry. You deserved so much better.

Full article: telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/politics/gordon-brown/6170112/Gordon-Brown-Im-proud-to-say-sorry-to-a-real-war-hero.html

I think that the lesson of what happened to Alan Turing deserves strong consideration by anyone who advocates “conversion therapy” for homosexual people.

I’ve NEVER heard of ANYONE advocating that kind of conversion therapy and you are creating a strawman by intimating that this type of thing is still condoned.What is advocated is prayer and chastity.Organizations such as Courage have been very helpful in assisting those who are afflicted with same-sex attraction.

Many homsexuals have changed their orientation through prayerful effort and are now heterosexual,married(real marriage-not pretend same-sex “marriage”) and are parents.

Many homosexuals who find it impossible or too difficult to change their orientation live lives of chastity.I have been chaste for 12 years due to the destruction of my marriage.Believe me everything still works and the desire is there but prayer and the intervention of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St Maria Goreti have allowed me to live a chaste life that suits my station in life as a devout Catholic.No one ever died from not having sex.Your “arguement” reflects the deification of sex in this society.

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