Gore or Love...which is more harmful

My husband loves to watch the kill them shoot them gory violent movies. I argue that my desires to watch romantic comedies are not as harmful on our exposure to immoral media. The more I think about this the more I wonder…both are not uplifting morals…however is the violence added on to the “immoral” life more harmful? Or is the subtle immoral life couched in “love” more harmful….

I would say that Al Gore is much more harmful than Courtney Love. But that is just my personal opinion…:stuck_out_tongue:


Regarding the OP’s question:

Both types of film activate part of the human mind that is stronger for one gender than for the other, which is why men do not usually appreciate romantic “chick flicks” nor women violent action films. Each type of picture is a desirable distraction for the gender in question, although both are a distraction, not a constructive use of our limited time. If either person spent huge amounts of time viewing these pictures, they might have a sin problem.

That said, I’d say that the “chick flick” is more dangerous to morality, because everybody understands that violence and mayhem are not acceptable courses of action in normal conditions; while the gist of “chick flicks” is often that immoral sexuality is acceptable. This can plant a seed of fantasy in the viewer’s head that a violent film will not.

Then again, I am a guy.:):):):slight_smile: This is all IMNAAHO, and I am not a priest just a sinner.

God bless and ICXC NIKA!

Well gore is actually quite neutral for it is yet another form of artistic expression. Believe it or not but the Bible is in of itself kinda gory too with all the decapitation torture as well as the victorious yet bloody battles of the Old Testament. Need I even mention turning a whole river of water into blood? What about the rains of fire and brimstone?

I think what matters is the context of the violence.

And I’m sorry but I have to say violence is granted a wider range of context where it is acceptable, compared to sex. I mean where is sex only valid? In marriage.

Where is violence valid? It can be:

Physical Training
Even fixing something
Chopping up meat for dinner

Hmm, lesee, did I miss anything? :nerd:

What about neither? I think about some of my all-time favorite movies (“Metropolitan”, “A Thousand Clowns,” “Waking Life”, etc.) and they’re all mostly human interest stories. Having to choose between gore or love is like having to choose between paper or plastic - to paraphrase a line from ‘Waking Life’ - and it’s a choice that contributes to more bad movies. So, I would say: They’re both harmful - to your morals, and to quality movies. I mean, really: this is precisely why a spiritually redeeming film like “Get Low” isn’t showing on as many screens (and in as many cities) as that stupid “Wall Street” sequel. :shrug:

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