Gospel Acclamation


So… The verse changes every week. I know this now because I sing in the choir at the Newman Center. Would it be considered liturgical abuse to sing the same verse week after week, though? My home parish does this and it’s why I never knew the verse changes until I left for college.


There are some gospel acclamations (and seasonal psalms) that can be repeated from week to week. The former music minister at our church did this. I was always confused, as the acclamation and psalm response in our missals was different.

Now I am the music minister and we always use the psalm response and acclamation in the weekly readings. In my opinion, it follows more closely with the other readings used in the Liturgy of the Word, as well as causes less confusion in the pews.

That being said, it is "legal" to use a repeated psalm and/or acclamation. So continue to worship faithfully and make a joyful noise unto the Lord!


From the General Introduction to the Lectionary:

"90. The chant between the second reading and the gospel is either specified in each Mass and correlated with the gospel or else it is left as a choice to be made from those in the series belonging to a liturgical season or to one of the Commons."

I think there are also additional options in Graduale Simplex (The Simple Gradual) and Graduale Romanum.


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