Gospel from Year A

For the past two weeks, the readings at Mass have been from year C, but, before the Gospel, Father tells us that the Gospel will be from Year A.

This is okay? Clearly not an abuse but this is at the priest’s discression?

There is nothing wrong with the priest doing this. The 3rd, 4th and 5th Sundays of Lent have the option of using Cycle A in lieu of the years when Cycle B or Cycle C are used.

Please note what Paschale Solemnitatis states:

  1. The Gospel periscopes of the Samaritan woman, of the man blind from birth, and the resurrection of Lazarus are assigned to the III, IV, and V Sundays of Lent of year A. Of particular significance in relation to Christian initiation, they can also be read in years B and C, especially in places where there are catechumens. [28]

I really miss these particular Cycle A readings during the off-years, especially the Samaritan woman and the man blind from birth.

Did you have RCIA scrutinies at that Mass? The A reading is an option when that’s the case, since it’s somehow related to the RCIA business. This exact question was posted on last week in this thread.

YES!!! And, this is the first Mass that I’ve been to that has RCIA scrutinies!!!:smiley: A woman that I work with (she has a job, I volunteer), told me that before the Liturgy of the Eucharist, the Deacon gathers them up!! :D:D

Thank you & thank you, benedictgal!! And, to you, look on the bright side: NEXT YEAR YOU GET YEAR A!!!

I knew it wasn’t an abuse, I wanted knowledge about it, though.

You’re welcome! Glad you enjoyed the Prodigal Son :thumbsup:

I thought it was interesting today that the priest chose to use the Cycle A readings, even though there were no scrutinies. He said he prefers the “A” readings.

So long as there is no applicable regulation in addition to Paschale Solemnitatis that benedictgal quoted, it seems to be perfectly legit. Here is another parish that apparently went this route.

Sure, “joining with the catechumen’s Mass in spirit” might be the reason. Another reason is that it means the organist/choir don’t have to prepare two different sets of musical selections relating to two different sets of readings!

the gospels from Year A should be proclaimed at Masses where the scrutinies for the Elect are celebrated in RCIA. as a general rule we should assume that just because we are unfamiliar with something we observe at Mass, that doesn’t make it wrong, and that the priest is right and we are simply uninformed on that topic.

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