Gospel Music! Hallelujah!!!! Hallelujah!!!


What church did Gospel Music originate from and where does it continue? I know it is a Protestant church but I am not aware of which protestant church. Can anyone fill me in on some details?


I don’t have a clue, but Vineyard has some really nice songs. Just wanted to share that :slight_smile:


Haha same boat as myself. I enjoy gospel music as well. My mother has always listened to gospel music. Although we are Catholic and I am pretty aware it isnt from the Catholic church. I apreciate the songs that give a witness for sure. When a wretch like me hears a song of other wretch’s bieng found when they have been lost it brings me to another place… Only the mercy of god. Now i know not all gospel songs are about that but those are the ones that I like the most.


Gospel music may refer to the religious music that first came out of African-American churches in the first quarter of the twentieth century or, more loosely, to both black gospel music and to the religious music composed and sung by white southern Christian artists. While the separation between the two styles was never absolute — both drew from the Methodist hymnal and artists in one tradition sometimes sang songs belonging to the other — the sharp division between black and white America, particularly black and white churches, kept the two apart. While those divisions have lessened slightly in the past fifty years, the two traditions are still distinct. - Wikipedia


Intresting so its methodist. I heard something like that before cept someone told me that there church sings gospel music and they are baptist. I also been told Calvinist as well. So maybe it is not just one protestant denomination.


Some gospel music is fine, but most of it is not appropriate for the Mass because they put the attention on the believer and his feelings (unless they are scripturally based types).

It’s perfectly all right to think of Jesus as our friend, for instance, but we must never forget the one sacrifice offered on our altars which is the Eucharist, the sign of unity of Christians and the true focal point of our worship. Yes?


i have a diffrence in opinion but I havnt mentioned conversion here. If that is what you are saying.


Nope, not talking about conversion. :confused: Just saying what place gospel music ought to have within the Liturgy of the Mass, that’s all. :slight_smile:


Oh I see I just thought you were reminding me of where christ is. My bad. I think gospel music is fine just where it is. :slight_smile:


No problemo! :slight_smile:

I think gospel music is fine just where it is. :slight_smile:

“Where it is” ought to be where it belongs, yes? Just as some forms of music would not be appropriate at a ball game or in grand opera, so not all forms of music are appropriate for the Mass–because of whom the Mass is centered upon.

The focus is not the congregation, which many people seem to think these days. Nor is it on our feelings. It is on Christ, as it has always been and always will be. Therefore, music that puts the focus where it belongs, on Christ, is appropriate.


Nothing to worry about bieng the catholic church doesnt have gospel music. Yes?


The Catholic Church most certainly has Gospel Music. Here in south Louisiana we have the largest number of African-American Catholics and parishes in the US. There are several fine parish choirs of which I am personally aware that sing Gospel Music here in Baton Rouge as well as New Orleans and other smaller towns in our area. If anything, from what I have seen and heard, the emphasis is not on the individual but on Our Lord and the Eucharist.


Well there you go Della. Even though Della may feel it is not the right place I disagree. I would like to attend to a service that is Catholic that sings gospel.
It would blow away some Catholics knowing that some services in other places are not always the typical songs in the hymn books. I know as bieng a Native American Catholic some reservations we sing in our native tounge and the precision starts with our drum. although most catholic church’s do have the attitude where it needs to stay uniform as regarding its music.


The Catholic Church definitely has gospel music (in the Lead Me, Guide Me, hymnal). I was just at a parish in Arlington this weekend, which used to be predominantly African-American, but they still use gospel music in their Masses. It was quite an experience.


I’m afraid I haven’t made myself clear, if you got the impression that I am completely against Gospel music for the Mass. I’m not. Some of it is okay–those songs that focus on Christ or some aspect of the Faith. But, the newer ones that focus on “Jesus and me” or on “how Jesus makes me feel” are inappropriate. It isn’t so much the style of music as the intent of the lyrics–whether or not they are in line with the Liturgy of the Mass, be it the Eucharist or the Sunday readings, and/or if they are theologically sound. Does that help?




I love Gospel music.
Back when Rick Warren was holding his services in a local high school gym, my friends and I would go hear him (on the way home from Mass of course) Because he would have the best entertainment. Andre Crouch was there quite often. No one can bring down the house like Andre!!! :thumbsup:

I don’t want to replace the appropriate Mass music, but Gospel is such a great complement. It really gets me going. I play it when I am working around the house.


I wonder how the prayer of st francis would sound if it was sung by a gospel choir. would that be possible I cant picture it.


I can’t see why not. Although, it’s true that the music isn’t conducive to tambourines and drums. It would be interesting, and probably has been done by a Gospel choir somewhere–not in a Protestant Gospel choir, though. Our Evangelical brethren would either never have heard of it or probably think it too Catholic in sentiment since it mentions nothing about heaven, or salvation, or Jesus meeting all our needs, etc., which are their favorite subjects for songs.


Those byzantine choir’s would do a nice rendition of that as well but havnt seen any of them sing that yet.

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