Gospel music


I heard from my friend that not all gospel music is okay to listen to. She says that we should only listen to Catholic musicians. But, I happen to like the soulful gospel music. I feel like it really lifts my spirit and makes me feel good. Don’t get me wrong, some of the music that comes on my local Catholic radio station is really beautiful. It’s just sometimes I need a littlepick-me-up. :dancing:


How can your friend not listen to Aretha Franklin, The Mighty Clouds of Joy, the Wyans, the Blind Boys of Alabama, Rev. Al Green, Andre Crouch, the Hawkins, the great Miss Mahalia, Aaron Neville (who is Catholic BTW) and all the other fabulous singers that Gospel has???

There is no canon law I know of that says one cannot listen to Gospel. There are canon laws, encyclicals and directives that tell us what music should be played at Mass, but not in your living room or in your car.


The Church recognizes no obligations to listen to certain types of music, or completely avoid other types, as far as I am aware.


Oh come on! Gospel music is the greatest as far as I am concerned and I think that Heaven’s choir is populated by such people as Mozart, Bach, Palestrina, and Mahalia Jackson too.

God knows most Gospel music is head and shoulders above Hagen/Haas stuff.




I don’t know of any song more catholic than “How Beautiful” by Twila Paris, a non-Catholic. If there are any questionable songs or singers out there (anti-Catholic), I’ll skip them, but the rest I’ll join in listening to if they lift up God to my soul.


Precious Lord Lead Me Home and I Want Jesus to Walk with Me are my favorite Gospel hymns. Our diocese has a diocesan Gospel choir that is really good. Our regular diocesan choir has also sung Gospel hymns, but not as good as the Gospel choir.


We have gospel songs in Catholic hymnals now.
The only problem might be if you go to gospel concerts where they evangelize. Those without strong Catholic faith might get drawn in the wrong direction. Otherwise I’d say listen & enjoy.


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