Gospel music.

Is it OK for a Catholic to love also Gospel-music and maybe go to a Babtist or Methodist Church to listen to it?

I love Gospel music. I do not go to other churches to hear the music Why would it be a sin?
Southern gospel is my favorite !

I don’t see a problem with it. Their worship is amazing. As long as you also go to mass on the weekends as well, most shouldn’t have issues.

If you love it so much, you can also listen to it online. Family Christian WGTS 91.9, K-love, Chennai Christian radio are just a few radio stations that you can listen to online either directly through their websites or on the radio section of ITunes. You can also purchase the music on iTunes and music stores as well.

If you really enjoy it, ask your diocese if they have any charismatic Catholic churches. Very often this type of music is sung during the mass.

Hope this helps,


Thank you for the answers. I was just curious about the issue. I did grow up listening to Johnny Cash, (I also love German Shlagers and the brightest star Helene Fischer) and the problem is that I suffer from depression and panic-attaks and have no chance what so ever to attend Mass, and I don’t have the money to buy a bus ticket, so no Mass for me. One of the priests come once a month to hear my confession and give my Communion. Here is a Lutherian Church nearby but as a former Lutherian I don’t want to go there even if I would be a bit closer to God there but I do not accept the teaching in the Lutherian Church, which is the reason why I did convert. I have nothing against Lutherians but I don’t feel “at home” with them. Not far from where I live is a Methodist church. There I could sneak in and stand as close to the door I can because I can’t be in a place where there are too many people and listening.

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