Gospel of Luke: Commentary help please

I am looking for a good Catholic commentary on St Luke’s Gospel, in print if possible, and devotional rather than high scholarship.

Please can you help?

I’ve never heard of any commentary being devotional rather than scholarly.

Ignatius Catholic Study Bible has an excellent commentary on The Gopsel Of Luke.

Perhaps this is what you are looking for.


my first recommendation for this purpose is the series on each gospel from Word Among Us wau.org
they also have excellent short-term bible studies on specific topics good for individuals or small groups


I’m not sure what’s wrong with high scholarship. Even more scholarly commentaries can have devotional aspects about them because at least you come to appreciate the text under new light rather than reinforcing traditional, mostly incorrect readings of the text.

Having said that, I recommend:

The New Collegeville Bible Commentary: Gospel of Luke, by Michael F. Patella, O.S.B.

And for something of the highest quality:

Sacra Pagina: Gospel of Luke, by Luke Timothy Johnson

I will second Epistemes on Sacra Pagina. I am currently teaching Luke from this book and will next teach Acts as a continuation of Luke, using his text. It is quite possible to make parts of the study devotional. In the last class, we read the Suffering Servant Song from Isaiah and the 22nd Psalm. In a previous class, I played a selection from Messiah.
Another consideration is to read Luke using the method of lectio divina. There are books that explain it, but it might be best to get your priest to help to get you started in this method of approaching Scripture.

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