Gospel of Mark movie

Yesterday, I watched the Gospel of Mark movie made a few years ago - I believe it’s available on Netflix, but I don’t currently subscribe to it. Instead I had bought it in a bundle from VUDU with the Gospel of John movie with the same actor as Jesus. At the price I got both it was not much more than renting.

Jesus was portrayed by Selva Rasalingam, a British actor of Sri Lankan heritage (his mother is English). I appreciated the multi-ethnic cast - these weren’t all white Europeans.

It’s done a bit differently than other Jesus movies, in that the entire text of the Gospel of Mark is narrated over the images. There are snatches of Mr. Rasalingam, as Jesus, speaking with his voice in the background - apparently in Aramaic.

I thought it was well produced. Anyone else see it?

BTW - Mr. Rasalingam also played James in the movie Risen. (Which I have not seen.)

Anyone actually Jewish in the cast? Otherwise it is, according to today’s ethics, cultural appropriation is it not? :innocent:

I am not sure. But you can look up the cast list here:

I liked it, and frequently watch it over and over, along with the others (Matthew, Luke, and John) on Netflix.

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