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I am studying the Prologue of the Gospel of John. It is really philosophical, especially due to the Greek. Was this Gospel originally written in Greek? Does the Church say so?


I would give you my best answer if I could lay my hands on my copy of The New Jerome Biblical Commentary.

Short of that, I checked with my copy of The Orthodox Bible. Its brief introduction did not discuss the original language. But, the commentary on John 1:1 had to do with the use of the Greek word “logos” which I think answers the question.

It’s a different subject altogether, but a Byzantine Catholic priest who was a guest on the EWTN Live tv program said that Greek was the common language in Rome for the first 500 years of the existence of the Church. I did not know that.


All of the New Testament was written in Greek.


Correct. Though there’s no manuscript evidence, though, most scholars believe that the Gospel of St Matthew was originally written in Aramaic.


So there’s no Church teaching on this?


Gospel of John was written in Greek. It was also the last gospel to be written. It definitely has a lot of Neo-Platonic ideas in it.


I believe it might be saying: Yes there is a logos. We all can see that the world around us reasonable. It is the logos that made it reasonable.

Furthermore, we Jewish people believe that the logos is really a loving being, and He became human. Of course, Jewish did not mean all Jews, but at lease some of the Jews.

Moreover, I believe John goes about telling us that the dove from the Ark of Noah, is not here in person. The groom from the book Song of Songs is here with us now. That Jacob’s well is really here with us. That the Lamb of Abraham, Isaac, Moses and the Passover is here with us in Jesus. That YHWH has a more complete name–Abba and that His love that became flesh has a name–Joshua–yhwh is our savior.

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Please explain. St Thomas wrote a wonderful commentary on this Gospel but he was more into Aristoteles.


There are lots of internet sources you can look into. Just Google “Christianity Neo Platonism”. There is a close relationship between Christianity and Neo-Platonism, mostly represent by Plotinus and Philo.

In John the Logos, the Trinity and some other ideas are very neo-Platonic.

Here’s a good source:



I don’t think this is belived by a majority of scholars. Rather the majority, from what I’ve read, say there is little textual evidence on which to conclude this. The majority is also influenced by the opinion that Matthew copied Mark. However, it is the traditional and the Catholic belief that it was originally written in Aramaic.

Also, a common opinion, not among modern scholars but helf by prominent Church figures (held, for example, by St. Thomas Aquinas), is that the Epistle to the Hebrews was originally composed in Hebrew, though I am unaware if this has any authority compelling Catholics to believe it.


Read John very slow with silence. Try it. I have a feeling it’s time to try.

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