Gossip is like slapping Jesus, Pope asserts [CNA]

Vatican City, May 18, 2013 / 09:15 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Pope Francis spoke today about how gossip by Christians is a “slap” to Jesus “in the person of his children.”

“All three - disinformation, defamation and slander - are sins! This is sin! It is to slap Jesus in the person of his children, his brothers,” the Pope said May 18 in the chapel of St. Martha’s House.

The topic game up in Pope Francis’ homily because of the day’s Gospel reading from John 21 in which Peter asks if John will be alive when Jesus returns to earth.

?“What is it to you?” the pontiff began his homily, referring to Jesus’ response to Peter, who was being tempted “to interfere in the lives of others.”

Peter became “nosy,” Pope Francis remarked, noting that there are two ways people are tempted to get involved in others’ lives. The first is “to compare oneself with others” and the second is to gossip.

“It seems nice to chat,” he reflected, “I do not know why, but it looks nice. Like sweet of honey, right? You take one and then another, and another, and another, and in the end you have a stomach ache. And why? The chatter is like that eh? It is sweet at first and it ruins you, it ruins your soul!”

The Pope then referred back to Genesis, saying that gossip is “‘a little’ like the spirit of Cain who killed his brother, his tongue; it kills his brother!”??The consequence of gossiping is that “we become Christians of good manners and bad habits,” he warned, later repeating the description.

According to Pope Francis, people fail in this area in three ways: by giving “misinformation,” by making known the faults of others, and by telling lies about others.

“That is why Jesus does with us what he did with Peter when he says: ‘What is it to you? Follow me.’ The Lord in this instance points the way,” he said.??

“This kind of talk will not do you any good,” the Pope stated, “because it will just bring to the Church a spirit of destruction. ‘Follow me!’ These are the beautiful words of Jesus, it is so clear, that he has so much love for us. As if to say: ‘Don’t have fantasies, believing that salvation is in the comparisons with others or in gossip. Salvation is to go behind me.’”

Pope Francis finished his homily by saying, “Today we ask the Lord Jesus to give us this grace not to ever get involved in the lives of others, not to become Christians of good manners and bad habits, it is to follow Jesus, to walk behind Jesus on his way. And this is enough.”


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Pope Francis is awesome. :yup:


Hmmm… Interesting coincidence: I always associated those televangelists that beg for money ‘because The Lord needs a Lear Jet in order for him/her to spread the word’ - to be like slapping Jesus, but gossip works, too.

I love our New Papa more and more each day!!

I can’t recall where I heard this or what the time period was, but a priest had just given a penance to a woman who confessed to gossip.

He told her to go to the market, in France, buy a freshly killed chicken, pluck out its feathers as she walked back home, and when she had done this, to come back to see him.

She came back and he then asked her to go and collect all the feathers. She told the priest it would be impossible because the feathers were scattered everywhere. He then told her that is how gossip works.


I was lured into a web of gossip. This lady had something bad to say about EVERYBODY. She was very sly as if all she said was ok. But it was poison.
When I told her, “You’re always talking about someone else, why don’t you take a
look at yourself?” That was the end of the ‘friendship’ and the beginning of her
trying to make me look bad in front of everyone. It was a mess. I allowed her
to vent all these things to get it off her chest, often agreeing with her. That was
my sin. My parents raised me to mind my own business. How right they were.

Thank you, Holy Father! I need this extra reminder to keep my mouth shut.

Pope Francis finished his homily by saying, “Today we ask the Lord Jesus to give us this grace not to ever get involved in the lives of others, not to become Christians of good manners and bad habits, it is to follow Jesus, to walk behind Jesus on his way. And this is enough.”

I get easily confused so please allow room for a lil slack, the bolded part confused me / don’t get involved in the lives of others, or is that just another way of saying, do not gossip ? I read do not get involved in the lives of others and to me that means an entirely different thing altogether.

Gossip how interesting the Holy Father brings this up… does this subject manner remind anyone of ***high school ***!? What in the world are teens going to do with their time now if any actually read this !? OR the Gossip that takes place in ones work place, heck half of the media and tabloids are nothing but gossip… Gossip really does reach into all parts of society.

Though a little more foul than slapping, the analogy reminds me of something I heard from a priest discussing sin and Confession (Fr. Larry Richards, maybe?). He spent some time on a farm and had to pick up and carry a calf around his neck…a lot like drawings of Jesus, Our Shephard, carrying a lamb around his neck.

The calf peed all over him, and, as he was in the bathtub cleaning up, he thought “that is what we do to Jesus, when we sin.” He lovingly picks us up, carries us around his neck…and we pee on him. :frowning:

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