Gossips Interrupting Rosary Before Mass

Honestly, this probably happened over half a year ago, but it’s just been sitting there at the back of my mind like an overflowing trash can.

I didn’t bring my Rosary with me this day, so I prayed with my fingers. I was probably “kneel sitting” as I have a weak lower back, but I think it probably was apparent that I was praying. A person came and sat right next to me and proceeded to talk to me while I was trying to pray. She also was badmouthing the Altar boy’s hair.

What should one do in this situation? I probably did nothing or giggled as I’m overly meek.

“Looks like little johnny brushed his hair with a rake” is not gossip, it is small talk, an observation, a conversation opener, unkind maybe but an observation.

“Did you hear, that altar boy had his hair done by Cher’s personal hairdresser and he spent $5 grand on that haircut” is gossip.

So, did they slip in and make some sort of small talk to begin a conversation while you were praying? Simply whisper “I am praying” and go back to praying.


Hubby was talking to me the other day when I was trying to pray I finally said I’m TRYING to pray. If they didn’t know, then it’s done.

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