Got a job today after absence of 12 years from workforce


Didn’t expect it quite, but I got a job today and I’m nervous. I was nervous about the interview, nervous about the second interview and now I’m just nervous about the job.

I’m especially worried about the medical information (for the physical) I sent them. They didn’t know I recently had bariatric surgery or that I struggle with depression and now I’m worried that the job offer will be rescinded.

I did put on the medical release form to suppress the information about my depression but I guess they didn’t. That sort of bothers me.

Anyway, I discussed this all briefly with the person who hired me. She sounded a little worried that I suffered from depression and that I’ve recently had bariatric surgery, so now I’m worried they’re going to tell me to go away and that they’ll find someone else.

However, yesterday I was worried about not getting this job because they asked me in for a second interview (I figured a 2nd interview meant that I was too odd and that I had to be scrutinized further) and after this second interview was when they hired me.

How the job world sends me into emotional spasms.

Any good, kind and constructive things to say to me would be most welcome.

All I want, I think, is a job where I’m helping others.

Thanks for listening.

That’s great news!
When they call someone in for a second interview, it’s because they* like *you…and you made the first cut.
Everybody gets nervous at job interviews and at the prospect of a new job, so you are not alone in these feelings.
I hope all goes well for you on this.


Congratulations! We’re in the same boat, my friend. I’ve been out of the work force for 5 YEARS for medical reasons and have been on disability during that time. I reached out for a job in the school district where I worked 5 years ago and after a brutally honest interview with the principal explaining my illness and how I was recovered and ready for work, two references that came through for me from years ago, she took a chance on me. She said how are you NOW. I said well enough to work. I was hired, background check went through and I start Tuesday.

I say this to share you are not alone my brother in the Faith. We have honestly shared with our employers and have been accepted for who we are. I will be working with elementary school children and like you just want to help others.

So, find this encouraging and best wishes to you as you start your new job. I am nervous as anyone would be but excited at the same time.

May things go well for you and PM me anytime you want.

Peace in Christ,

x2 :slight_smile:

Plus, the job may even help you with self confidence and your depression, because it can be especially taxing on someone when they are looking for work and have sent out a dozen resumes/applications only to not hear back from many or even any at all.

“I plead with you–never, ever give up on hope, never doubt, never tire, and never become discouraged. Be not afraid.”

  • St Pope John Paul II

“Jesus I Trust in You.”

God Bless You


Congratulations. Continued prayers to St. Joseph for you to have a successful career.

Congratulations on landing a job! praise God for it! Ask the Lord to be with you each day as you begin to learn about your duties and count each day as progress toward your goal of having a fulfilling career and helping others. just remember, God has a plan for your life, all you need to is show up and participate. As for your medical history, lots of us have depression, myself included. It’s a condition, and if treated properly, it’s no different from having diabetes, a heart condition, etc. You did not cause it, but if you follow Dr’s orders and take good care of yourself, you can be fine. Praying for your success.:slight_smile:

Thanks be to God for your new job! Congratulations!
Great advice Sherry.:slight_smile:

Praying not only for your success but may you truly enjoy what you do.

No, 2nd round interviews are used by many, if not most, employers. They found you to be interesting enough to proceed further. Those who are not called in for a 2nd interview are usually not considered further. Congratulations on this next step!

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