Got a new phone

I just got a new phone. My old one (just over a year old!) shut itself off and deleted numbers and recent call info :eek: .

The new one is my favorite color. Time to play around with it!

Cool. I can usually make mine last at least until my contract is up and I can get the cheap deal on a phone. I didn’t like the $0.99 ones this last time so I spent a bit of money on one.

It probably needs to be charged up too, I am so bad about that :D.

Have fun figuring it out.

Brenda V.

Very nice!

:harp: :heaven:

I have a Razor.

I want a crackberry

I work for Motorola, and our company has been having some trying times. You made my day with your post. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy your new, beautiful phone!!!

The phone that was misbehaving was also a Motorola :frowning: .

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