Got a Nintendo Switch for Christmas. Any good games?


Perhaps the OP can tell us what games he likes to give us a feel. Obviously if one does not like the open world games Breath of the Wild would not be right. For me, I have to put it down as one of the best games of all time. It definitely has the most play time of any game I know.

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It’s definitely worth picking up. I loved playing those games as a kid. With Mega Man Legacy Collection 1, there is a handy “rewind” feature. If you fall into a pit or something, you can just tap the shoulder button and rewind a few seconds to try again. I admit, I had to use that pretty extensively for Mega Man 1. That was always the hardest one for me.



I’m a huge fan of Mario.

How are both those games and which is the better buy you think?



For Breath of Wild, how difficult is it. I sometimes don’t mind puzzles to games, but that Zelda stuff can be intimidating.



How fun is Splatoon? I’ve got to say it looks very colorful.



I know you didn’t ask me, but I’d say it depends on what you’re looking for. Mario Odyssey is a huge, semi-open world Mario game. It’s basically a one player game (though you can have a second player control Mario’s hat, which works well for playing the game with little kids).

Mario Kart 8 is, well, Mario Kart. Lots of chaotically fun racing. Up to 4 players locally or you can play online. It’s the biggest Mario Kart game to date with 48 tracks.



I still like playing the games without fancy emulator tricks that make them easier. I might make an exception one day for the first game, though, but I doubt it’ll improve the experience considerably. To me, the series didn’t really get good until the second game. The first, to me, is a decent but seriously flawed game.

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Breath of the Wild is a bit different from the previous Zelda games. It’s an enormous open world, but there aren’t the standard dungeons from previous Zelda games. There are 120 shrines that are like mini-dungeons, and only 4 bigger things which I wouldn’t necessarily equate to a regular Zelda dungeon. There are some puzzles in these, but I don’t think they are overly intimidating since they are all pretty short. There’s just a lot of them. So if you do get stuck on one, you can just move on to the next.

Plus, there is a task list which is very helpful in keeping track of things. Before playing, I was worried about it being overwhelming in light of how large the world is, but it really isn’t once you get into it.



Honestly, Splatoon is the most fun I’ve had with video games in a long time. Ever since the first Splatoon came out 3 1/2 years ago, there isn’t a week that has gone by where I haven’t played Splatoon or Splatoon 2 (once I got a Switch). Especially with the Switch, it’s a great game to pick up and play for 5–10 minutes to play a few rounds.

It’s what you’d expect Nintendo’s take on a shooter game to be. Bright, colorful, kid-friendly, and lots of fun.

In the core mode of the game, you’re playing 4 vs. 4 online battles where the objective is to paint a higher percentage of the “turf” than the other team. Racking up “splats” (or “kills”) is not the primary objective, though it can certainly help with the objective as it sends your opponent back to their home base.

There are also some ranked modes with different objectives (e.g. controlling a central “zone”, controlling a tower, capturing the “flag” [called the “rainmaker”] and bringing it to a pedestal near the enemy base). And there is a single player campaign that is fun, too.



Sorry for the late response.
I’d say depends on what you want.
If you’re only playing by yourself, I’d say Odyssey.
Ultimate is fun by yourself, but unless your willing to play online I’d recommend against it.
If youve got friends, go for Ultimate.

I guess it comes to what you enjoy more: exploration or competitive fighting?

Both are a better buy than Mario Kart IMO.



Is it similar to Mario Galaxy?



That sounds pretty good. Putting Zelda on my list.

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Yes and no. It’s a sprawling 3D adventure like the Galaxy games, but I’d say it’s more similar to Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine than it is to Super Mario Galaxy. Super Mario Galaxy is much more linear.

There are a number of large, open worlds and you can search for power moons (not stars this time) in a non-linear fashion. There are literally hundreds of moons, too. Once you find a moon, you keep going rather than having it kick you to the “lobby” area.

Also, rather than using power ups (like the fire flower), Mario uses his hat to take control of things and gain additional abilities.

But it’s still a Mario game with all the jumping and coin collecting and facing off against Bowser. :slight_smile:



Hmmm. I was a big fan of Mario Galaxy. Mario 64, not so much. I prefer the linear sort of gameplay. I know Zelda has some of that at times, I’m trying to decide between Mario, Zelda, or Smash Bros as the next game I get. I’m leaning Zelda only because I heard Super Smash doesn’t have good playability after you beat the game in an hour.



Those people are not playing the same game as me, then. I’m learning new things about the game even now, and even if you finish adventure, there’s still Smash and Classic.



It’s a mix. The levels’ early stages often have a bit more of a linear Galaxy feel. The levels might be open to an extent, but they’re more focused on the “main quest”. Once you get far enough in that, the level opens up and becomes more of a crossover between Mario 64 and Banjo Kazooie. That crossover style is also the entirety of the end game content.

Smash Bros. is very multiplayer-focused. It’s what you pull out when you have friends over. There is singleplayer content in Classic and Adventure modes, and you can battle CPUs by yourself, but the bulk of the enjoyment comes from multiplayer. Well, Adventure mode this time is a many-hour affair, but I found it painfully dull before long. I still love Classic, though.

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How about the new Super Mario Bros Deluxe?



Mario sunshine was probably my favorite 3d Mario game. GameCube was such an underrated console, I hope they someday make a “GameCube mini” since the games are so expensive right now.

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My wife and I are playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is amazing.
Rime is really beautiful, albeit a little short. (It’s also a little sad)
If you like frenetic action, Hyrule Warriors is fun.
Super Mario Odyssey is a ton of fun…

There are a bunch of good games, it depends on your tastes.

If you play for story then you won’t like Smash. If you play because you like the combat, then it’s pretty much and endless game.

Of the three, I’d say get Zelda. It is now my favorite of the series, and I think also my wife’s favorite. I’m pretty sure she’s played every Zelda, and I’ve played all but a couple of them. (minish cap and four swords… I think that’s all i’m missing of the main series… oh, and I’ve never finished II)



The New Super Mario Bros. series is made of 2D games akin to the NES-era Mario platformers. The visuals and physics are modernized, but the design is still mostly the same.

Odyssey does have some similar 2D sections, but those harken back to the original Super Mario Bros. on the NES. They’re also rarely fleshed out, often more nostalgic throwbacks than levels. Granted, there are a couple very nostalgia-heavy levels with those sections, but I won’t spoil those.


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