Got arrested yesterday


I started having psychotic visions and they got real bad. All of a sudden a tornado went around me and inside the tornado were a hole bunch of faces saying “You’re going to die!” I burst into tears and yelled “I’m going to kill you” in a store. The store called the police, I got taken away in a police car and the whole time this little dead girl was holding me down and choking me. I went into a panic and they took me to the hospital. :frowning: I got released because these type of things happen all the time. I asked for God’s assistance and he didn’t help me. :frowning: plz pray for me.


You have my prayers … you know St Dymphna is the patron saint of people in your situation - I’ll pray to her as well.

God bless.


Your in my prayers as well. Maybe God did help you by keeping you safe during this ordeal. Take care , Tim


Have you been seeing a psychologist? God rarely intervenes directly, but often uses others to help. And yes, this may have been the way he is directing you to help.


I will pray for you too. Let me reiterate that you need to talk to some people about this. Don’t just let these episodes continue, there is definately something more serious going on her so go talk to a priest that you can trust, if you have no priest you can trust let us know, there are many national catholic lines for this.

I hope you have a better day today. Maybe today you could go sit in front of the blessed sacrament for awhile. Just a thought! God Bless :smiley:


Djamu, as the family member of someone who once was in a similar situation, my heart hurts for you.

What I wanted to say is this: did you ever consider the possibility that God did, in fact help you? He heard your plea and placed a quick-thinking store clerk, a responsible police officer, and a full hospital staff all in your path before you to help you!

If these types of things truly happen all the time, aren’t you just worn out tired from the stress, exhaustion, and frustration of it all? Wouldn’t it be a good thing to walk yourself down to the nearest or most respected mental health clinic and say, “I need help. I have hallucinations and I want to make them stop so that I can get on with my life and live it to the fullest”?

God bless you. You have my prayers.


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