Got into a car wreck

I was riding in my best friend’s car when she had a fender bender with the lady ahead of us. Long story about how that happened. The lady ahead of us might have been hurt badly because she had been in an accident not too long ago and was hurting from surgery she’d had.

I got hurt in that the seatbelt had brusied the crud out of my right shoulder. Then I was in a panic because I couldn’t think of whether to go to the hospital or not because I was sore but not anywhere near as bad as the other lady.

A woman I used to work with had been in an accident and had her coller bone broken about where the seatbelt brusied me. She had a blood clot develop there and ended up having a stroke that left her permanently brain damanged.

So I’m all worried and scared and having a major panic attack (panic/anxiety disorder - I’m supposed to be on medication but have no insurance to foot the bill and my meds cost over $300, so I haven’t been on them for a while).

We get everything fixed and everything’s fine - I’m bruised but not so badly that I’m going to require anything major. I was miserable all day yesterday and felt like a failure. I couldn’t function.

My brain was fried yesterday and I couldn’t focus - so can one offer up the fear, panic attack, hurt, etc. after it’s passed? Or is that a bad thing to do? Or pointless?

I am so happy you are okay, of course you can offer up any pain or fear you had during the experience.

Dear God,

I had a very bad panic attack yesterday and was in a lot of mental anguish because I’m a pathetic person with no control and a great deal of fear. I was too far gone to properly offer up the situation to you, but please accept my pain, fear, panic attack and exhaustion on behalf of souls in Purgatory. And please don’t be mad at me for being a weakling in this situation. I can’t deal very well, and I must be an embarassment to you. Please accept my embarassment from my actions for the souls in Purgatory as well.

I’m sorry.


Thank God you’re okay…must have been scary. I also believe you can offer up your stress and pain…I would think okay to offer even if in past, sometimes it’s hard to remember to offer things up when you’re in the middle of the crisis…take care…

I wasn’t sure if you could offer up something in your past. I hope so. I was a total freak yesterday and in a lot of terror. I’d really like it if something I suffered yesterday could be used for the souls in Purgatory. Then me being totally wacked out wouldn’t be so horrible - something good would come of it.

I believe anything is possible with God. Offer up your sufferings whether from yesterday or today. Try not to be so hard on yourself, we all suffer from fear and being in crises. Take Care…I will also pray for you to feel better…

I’d try to not worry too much about what happened with the woman that you used to work with. Although easier said than done when you’re panicking over it! The imagination can really run away with things like that and you end up scaring yourself even more. (Something I understand all too well :blush:)

I think God understands how difficult it is to focus and think clearly when you’re having anxiety/panic. I see nothing wrong with offering it up later, I do it all the time. :slight_smile:


I’m so sorry you’re going through this and thankful that you weren’t more seriously injured. :hug1:

A member of my family is quite prone to panic attacks, so you have my deepest sympathies. It can just get exhausting, can’t it? Please don’t be embarrassed that some of your brain chemistry is a little bit askew. That’s like being embarrassed at having diabetes or sickle cell or something… The panic attacks are one of the crosses Our Lord is asking you to pick up and follow Him with.

And yes, you can absolutely offer up things that have already passed. A very wise priest told me once that our first reaction, the one that happens in the “heat of the moment” (like all of your understandable fear and worry right after the fender bender) isn’t nearly as important as our second reaction, once we’ve had a chance to settle down and reflect on the importance of things in the light of God’s grace. I think it’s great that you don’t want to let even these difficult, stressful events in life “go to waste” and that you’re using them to help the Holy Souls in Purgatory. Good for you.

Hang in there!!!


Re: offering up stuff in the past –

Every time you go to Mass, you offer all the good and bad you’ve done to God. “We lift up our hearts to the Lord.”

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