Got my green scapular blessed!

Last week at the Latin Mass i attend when i can, i picked up a green scapular. i haven’t done anything with it until today, because i needed it blessed. well, after Mass today, i asked my priest to bless it, and i am rocking that bad boy in my pocket now. does anyone here use a green scapular? thoughts? any stories you care to share?

And here are some of the benefits of it:

… Conversion of those who do not have the faith
… Reconciliation to the Church for those who have lost/strayed from the faith
… Assurance of a happy death
… Strengthening of the faith for those already in the Church
… Protection from Satan for those who wear or promote the scapular

In 1840, Mary instructed Sister Bisqueyburu, in Paris, who was a Daughter of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, to make the scapular. She wanted the sister to promote it. A picture of her and her immaculate heart is on the front. It was a token from her of her love and that she would pray for those who wore it, or carried it on them in her name. And the greater the trust the person had in her to obtain great graces for them, the more those graces would come.

So she asks that this beautiful gift from her be used and she would bring us the help we need. The prayer should be said everyday,
“Immaculate heart of Mary, pray for us now and at the hour of our death.”

The following is an explaination of how the Green Scapular works.

Exocism by an exocist is a sacramental not a sacrament.
The Green Scapular is a sacramental given by Mary as a gift to us.
Both sacramentals.

“However,” adds Fr. Amorth, an exorcist, “let us be clear on this: The Lord takes faith into account. Therefore, a simple prayer of a lay person, even though it is private, could be more efficacious than the prayer of anyone else.”

Father Amorth cites the example of Saint Catherine of Siena: When an exorcist could not liberate a demoniac, he would send the afflicted person to her. “Then the saint would pray and obtain liberation,” writes Amorth. “Her prayer was not an exorcism; she was neither an exorcist nor a priest. But she was a saint!”

As Father Amorth notes, it all comes down to faith: Christ Himself admonished His followers to cast out spirits, but He also pointed to a lack of faith as the reason they weren’t always able to succeed. It is faith that is our shield. It is our faith that unlocks the power of God – which readily overcomes all evil.

With the Green Scapular it also depends on faith of the one giving it or using it. To rely with trust that Mary will keep her word and she will protect those that wear it and obtain graces for them.

Here are a few stories.
(From an atheist)
How did you come to embrace Catholicism?
Strangely enough, it was the Blessed Virgin Mary. That friend of mine had sneakily
snuck in a scapular under my mattress. I didn’t know until about 1 year into my
conversion. I imagine that she had something to do with it. I think it was the
green scapular.

I prayed for my husband a lot as he had been away from the Church for many years. I put a blessed green scapular under the mattress and prayed for him daily, and other family and friends prayed for him also. After several years he finally came back to the Church, and died a very happy man two years after that.

My father, a fallen-away Catholic, passed away several years ago. When he first became ill and was hospitalized, one of the Vincentian priest pinned a Green Scapular to his pillow. I know my mother was especially worried about his salvation, as he had not awakened following emergency surgery. He did awaken many days later, and that same Vincentian asked if he wished to receive the sacraments. He was on a ventilator, so he could not speak, but he could indicate “yes” or “no”, so the priest simply asked if he was sorry for any and all sins he committed, then he was given Extreme Unction. This was 2 years to the day of my auto accident, August 3rd. He died 2 days later, on the Feast of Our Lady of the Snows on August 5th. There is a promise attached to the Green Scapular that Our Lady will obtain the conversion of those who have fallen away from the True Faith. I’m convinced she did so with my father, the day of his death was clearly Providential.

A young girl was very agitated and upset. It seems her mother had in her possession some tarot cards. The girl was given a green scapular and within a couple of minutes regained quiet and peace returned to her.

This is just a suggestion. But it would be a good idea for everyone on this website to get one and carry it in their wallet or purse. Mary gave it to us to protect, strengthen, and grow in the faith. I don’t know of anyone who dosen’t need that. And it is so simple to carry. Just say the prayer everyday “Immaculate Heart of Mary pray for us now and at the hour of our death.”

Have a great day.

I carry a scapular in my wallet. It is the mother of carmel one.

:clapping::choocho::egyptian: Congratulations! That’s wonderful news. You go! Thanks to fred conty for the information. I may get one myself. May both of you and all CAF members have blessed and fruitful Lent.

Thank you to everyone who has posted so far. I am very excited to have learned of this wonderful blessing.

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