Got myself into a mess- an update


Just to tell all of you who have been following my saga with the priest and praying for me what has finally happened.

After trying on and off to break contact unsuccessfully since June, yesterday it was once and for all finally over.We have both agreed that we have to walk away for good because those feelings of attraction are still there.I feel a huge sense of relief and peace actually, and am going to put all the effort I was putting into this relationship into my marriage.I did speak to my husband about breaking off the “friendship”, and I think he suspected something was up from the beginning, but he chose to let me “bang my head” without his interference(because I would never have listened to him…).And for that I love him even more.The 20 year history we have is really worth so much more than a cheap fling with a priest which would have been not only scandalous, but would have destroyed my family.

To all of you who were firm with me,told me what I didn’t want to hear at the time and prayed for me - thank you.The grace of God really helped me from making a huge mistake which I would have regretted for the rest of my life.

God Bless you all


Bravo!!! You will not regret this decision. Had you gone ahead in the other direction, you would have been 100% guaranteed heartache and misery, more than you can imagine. Praise God that you are taking the right path, and may He bless you and your marriage.

:extrahappy: :extrahappy: :extrahappy:


I haven’t followed the story but I just want to add my “BRAVO!!!” :extrahappy: because I love a story with a wonderful outcome. You put a smile on my face today.:slight_smile:


Wonderful news! Now, have you been to Confession? That will be the perfect closing chapter of your story.



Hate to be so cyncial but it sounds like the priest has some huge issues. Your probably aren’t the first or the last woman he is going to try to go after.


Praise God !! He can heal all!!:thumbsup:


You’re doing awesome. :thumbsup: Keep it up and never look back. Straight ahead on the narrow path!!

God Bless


God bless you! I will be praying for you still and for the priest. He sounds like a very confused man.


Thank you for posting your story. I’ve recently gone through something very similar to this. Only I was in the position your husband is in. My wife hasn’t opened up about what she’s feeling and going through. I’m sure that it’s very similar to what you are feeling. It’s helped me to understand a little more.


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