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So… at the school website, we’ve got forums, run by students. What I’m having an issue with is the language. I see that there have been many fierce debates on this, but I’m not talking of four letter bodily functions. One of the ranks is “Post Wh***,” which, I’m thinking, would fall under “lewd vulgarity,” which my be more clear cut. Normally, I just don’t go, but I really want to go talk, because it turns out more people know me than I thought.

I’ve been debating back and forth about this, so…


I’m not really sure what your question is. Are you asking if we think it’s ok to visit such a forum because it has lewd language?

Please clarify.



Sorry about that, yeah, that’s what I’m asking. I could probably just ask them to change it, to the best of my memory, there weren’t any problems in the posts themselves… The question will hold, though, until it is changed (if it is)


Many forums have the ability to block selected words from being used - you may suggest to the forum admins that this is something that bothers you and suggest that they consider moderating the language a bit better.

You never know, you might not be the only one who has complained! :slight_smile:



if this is a forum on a site hosted by a school, you could suggest to the school administration that tolerating lewd language and sexually suggestive posts constitutes sexual harrassment and places the administrators in a position of possible legal liabilty.


That would make it easy, but, it’s part of the newspaper, on a different domain. I’m going to consult some techie websites to see if I can test if that domain is hosted on

Edit: Nope, they are definitely separate.


Usually forums have the ability to change the names of rankings. You might do best to ask the admins. Alternately, you could start a thread asking for suggestions for a better name, and hope somebody thinks of something really catchy and funny.


This is a high school?

You or your parents should contact the principal and request action be taken and if it isn’t stopped immediately, then your parents or you should take it to the school board.

This is unacceptable and the principal is not doing his/her job if they allow this sort of thing on a school forum.


It begs the question - why does a school have an open forum for students anyway? Isn’t’ there enough problems with MySpace and other similar sites? :confused:



You never know, you might not be the only one who has complained!

Having seen a bit of life, I am quite broad minded and not likely to be offended by the use of language. But one thing I cannot cope with and that is God’s sacred name being taken in vain. Every time I read 'Oh C… I cringe. Similar expletives make me feel ill. If you are offended by similar things you have the right to complain.


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