GotQuestions so-called "accurate" idea of Catholicism

Mr. Houdmann says what he likes least about is “the Haters.” He needs to look in the mirror.

Hello Retro Ace

You should inspect yourself when you receive the host, not others, for what business is it of yours to care what others think .It could only be off, intellectual thought that someone elses ways could influence yours.

For, all have been consecrated in J_esus name .

With an ad for Logos Bible software right at the top of the page. I wonder if he realizes that they have a Catholic version? :smiley:

I don’t remember the exact qoute but I’ll paraphrase it

there are millions of people who hate their version of the Catholic Church, there are only about a hundred who actually hate the true Catholic Church.

I remember that website. It used to be in my bookmarks when I was Protestant. I was annoyed when I came across the Catholic section of the site. I sent a question to their e-mail about Catholicism and they replied in two days. I would post it here, but I deleted it after reading because it was inaccurate.

I can not figure out why people would go to a source other than a sound Catholic one to find out what the faith is all about. I certainly wouldn’t approach a Catholic to find out what the doctrine of the Lutheran church is all about. Why do people do this? And believe what they read/ hear. I can understand if people are only interested in a person’s opinion but if you’re on a fact finding mission it makes no sense.

if I wanted to know something about the Jewish religion, oh yeah I will do exactly what some Protestants do I will contact the Anglican Church, people who do that are ignorant and don’t want to learn the truth they prefer to stick to there ignorant ways and ask a person of another religion BUT not a Catholic, if they asked a Catholic they will be shocked at the answer, but they don’t want to think that all along “I know it all and cannot be wrong” is wrong because the answer is different than the one I have believed all along.

Yes indeed go ask the Anglicans all about the Jewish Religion. I am sure you will get the proper answers.:confused::rolleyes:

If it’s google adsense, then the ads would be based on what you look at and not necessarily determined by the site.

I doubt that’s it, I haven’t been to the Logos website in ages. I think he’s got a referral ad for Logos.

I see it too.

“There are not one hundred people in the United States who hate The Catholic Church, but there are millions who hate what they wrongly perceive the Catholic Church to be.”: Fulton Sheen

It’s the truth.

The GotQuestions website gets many things wrong about what the Catholic Church actually teaches and then goes on to explain why the things it got wrong are wrong. They say, “The Catholic Church teaches X” and then go on to explain why X is wrong, but many times it turns out that the Church never teaches X but something completely different.


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