Gotta share this with y'all!

Something just came to me while I was on here and I feel like I have to share it with y’all.
We are all Catholic brothers & sisters on the road to Heaven!!!

We are NOT strangers. Sure we don’t know each other personally and probably never will here on this Earth. But one day, God willing, when we are all in Heaven we will see one another and INSTANTLY know you’re ___________ from CAF and it will be like we’ve known each other all our lives.

I am in no way saying this next thing for thanks or for attention but ONLY BY THE GRACE OF GOD. I mention y’all here in prayer to God almost each and every time I pray, in my daily Rosaries, at weekly Adoration and at almost each and every Mass I participate in. I just say God you know who they are all, remember all the people on CAF and their needs, petitions and their loved ones. I do the same for another board I am on.
Of course since it is a special “mission” put on my heart by the Holy Spirit I pray in a special way and with names when I can for the Priests here, the Seminarians here and all other Consecrated religious and those discerning Religious Vocations.
I tell you it has truly been a blessing to be able to do this. I KNOW (like I said God willing) I will meet many of you in Heaven one day I look so forward to that day with such anticipation and eagerness.

Y’all KEEP THE FAITH! WE MUST keep Our Church growing and flourishing in the TRUTH that Jesus came and died for. NOTHING else in our lives will matter in the end but being with Our Lord, Our Savior, Our Creator! Every blessing and grace to you and yours now and always.


That’s a beautiful message and I know you don’t want thanks but I really appreciate your prayers. God bless you and I too hope we meet someday. I’m sure we will. :blush:

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That’s very nice of you to pray for us. I am praying also regularly for the CAF Intentions, including all the ones I unfortunately do not have time to individually read, post and pray for.


This is the Communion of Saints alive in our midst.

Blessings upon you, (not sure of your first name), daughter of the Most High God,
Deacon Christopher


Something a few days ago - came to me at church -
and that’s - Heaven isn’t somewhere that’s far off. It’s right next door -
I was surprised by the thought - and it relaxed me -

But your’s is a MUCH more loving revelation :innocent:

73 years from now - someone taps you on the shoulder -
Hello. I’m Seagull :relieved:


I sure hope so. It will be the GREATEST reunion ever.

Oh, I think most of you will know me long before we’re playing Harps :innocent:

Can you elaborate?

I’m running for President :shushing_face: …eventually… :us:

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OK but will you have your screen name in your official name? How will we KNOW you. When I write to you at the White House as CajunJoy65 will you answer my letter?


Thank you for reminding me about what’s really important.

I have been driving myself crazy by obsessively worrying about things that can possibly go wrong, stressing me out and convincing myself that the future is to be feared.

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There’ll be an announcement…

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PLEASE made sure real true Cajun food is served in the White House when I go to visit.

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That and a fais do do on the inauguration night.


Heck YEAH! I’ll be practicing my 2 step.

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Thank you for that beautiful and joy filled reminder! I needed that smile in my heart tonight . When things are tough I always say this life is only temporary and it’s a soothing thought.
God bless your joy.
PS-I couldn’t help but think after I read your post “She needs to come to my job and preach. Lol”
But I know Im supposed to be the Light of Christ there as my husband always reminds me. But that mean lady made me snap back at her today argh…

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Believe me I’ve had days where I almost forgot I was a Catholic Christian and really wanted to LET SOMEBODY HAVE IT! Hang in there and don’t lose the Faith!

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You might enjoy this movie. It’s called Schultze Gets the Blues which is about a German man who gets fascinated with the music of Louisiana.

Here is a trailer.

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Thanks for that it looks really good.

I hate that I felt good for responding curtly! I actually took a moment to baske in the feeling of not letting her get away with that one! I said “ha!” internally. But then I “felt” like I lost because all I gained were my cube mates hearing my response and thinking I’m a bad guy because they have no idea of the history between us. It’s like a comedy lol.

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