Gov. Bobby Jindal's experience with spiritual warfare


There are some pretty profound Catholic references in here, so I thought I’d post this:


Thank you! I’m from Lousiana, and I LOVE Bobby Jindal!



I’m not even from LA, and I love him!! He really showed his character when he wrote this-- most people would be scared of being labeled as crazy, but he obviously wanted to tell the truth and share his testimony (especially about Our Lady).


Speaking of spiritual warfare, I started a new group for Catholic Spiritual Warfare discussion if anyone is interested. :slight_smile:


I already joined!


I really hope that Bobby is our next President or VP. Not just because of this article, but because of his record on life and other things. I am sure his detractors will have fun with article to mock Christians, just like they did with Sara Palin. But heck, Bobby is a Rhodes Scholar, so the intellectual types can do their worst.


I’m interested. Where?


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